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broadcast suppression don 't work on NE40E

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  286 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

  main input traffic through port G1/0/6 is broadcast. we made the  broadcast & multicast suppression ,but it is not working.

we configure the suppression cir is 100Kbit/s but the actual rate is around  90998368 bits/sec, so it's not functioned.

NE40E-LIE-1>dis int giga 1/0/6
GigabitEthernet1/0/6 current state : UP
Description:TO MsoftX3000 MS06LIE01_O&M-VPN
Switch Port,PVID : 14,The Maximum Transmit Unit is 1500
IP Sending Frames' Format is PKTFMT_ETHNT_2, Hardware address is 0025-9e54-f1e8
Media type: twisted-pair ,Link type: auto negotiation
Loopback:none, Maximal BW:1G, Current BW:100M, full-duplex mode, negotiation: enable, Pause Flowcontrol:Receive Enable and Send Enable
Last physical up time : 2010-05-26 10:14:09
Last physical down time : 2010-05-26 10:13:54
Statistics last cleared:never
Last 300 seconds input rate: 90998368 bits/sec, 55816 packets/sec
Last 300 seconds output rate: 48 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec
Input: 261807784309 bytes, 1254374786 packets
Output: 91407712 bytes, 1428011 packets
Unicast: 4550 packets, Multicast: 209434553 packets
Broadcast: 1044935683 packets, JumboOctets: 0 packets
CRC: 57589 packets, Symbol: 0 packets
Overrun: 0 packets
LongPacket: 0 packets, Jabber: 0 packets, Alignment: 0 packets
Fragment: 0 packets, Undersized Frame: 0 packets
RxPause: 0 packets
Unicast: 1427967 packets, Multicast: 0 packets
Broadcast: 44 packets, JumboOctets: 0 packets
Lost: 0 packets, Overflow: 0 packets, Underrun: 0 packets
TxPause: 0 packets

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/6
description TO MsoftX3000 MS06LIE01_O&M-VPN
undo shutdown
port link-type access
port default vlan 14
traffic-policy O&M inbound vlan 14
broadcast-suppression cir 100 cbs 10000 inbound vlan 14
multicast-suppression cir 100 cbs 10000 inbound vlan 14

car cir 10000 cbs 10000 pbs 0 green pass red discard

Alarm Information


Handling Process


Root Cause

    The configuration in black words is also a QOS car under the same ports., it means under the same port G1/0/6 you have configure two CAR, but they have some differences in the procedure, when traffic come into a port the "broadcast-suppression car" and "multicast-suppression car" will get a car ID X1, then the traffic go head through micro-module included in NP chip and arrive the area which will make the traffic-policy car and give a car ID X2 ,unfortunatly , car ID 2 which is given later will cover car ID X1 and functioned the real car effect, because only one Car ID will function and the later one is consider to be the more precise. So "broadcast-suppression car" and "multicast-suppression car" is useless.To sum up, the traffic will be limitted to 10M by the Car ID X2,on the other hand , the loop will lead to a mass of VRRP broadcast and be sent to board cpu, it will cost all the bandwidth of the tunnel to CPU because the bandwith of reserved muticast is just 1.5M , but the car is 10M, so it is possible that the bandwith will be exhausted, and the ospf used the same 1.5M bandwith ,so ospf will be cut down ,and BGP will be cut down either , that is it.

traffic behavior O&M
remark dscp default
car cir 10000 cbs 10000 pbs 0 green pass red discard


  when you use two type of QOS under the same ports ,please plan it correctly in advance .