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FAQ-Why the number of hot patch in two GSCC of the same NE is different

Publication Date:  2019-07-08  |   Views:  226  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  baobingfang 00135981  |   Document ID:  EKB0000496882


Issue Description

On-site engineer reports that the quantity of  hot patch in two GSCC of the sameNE is different. The relevant information is as follow:

#9-5x [][][
    PatchNo  PatchState  CodeAddr    CodeLen     DataAddr    DataLen     FuncNum
    20001    running     0x00010000  0x000020b0  0x00088000  0x00000a94  1      
    20002    running     0x000120b0  0x00001df4  0x00088a94  0x0000098c  1      
    20003    running     0x00013ea4  0x00001bd0  0x00089420  0x00000988  1      
    20004    running     0x00015a74  0x00002184  0x00089da8  0x00000970  1      
    20005    running     0x00017bf8  0x00002324  0x0008a718  0x000006d8  9      
    20006    running     0x00019f1c  0x00002b48  0x0008adf0  0x00000c18  2      
    20007    running     0x0001ca64  0x00000318  0x0008ba08  0x00000910  1      
  Total records :7                                                              
#9-5x [][][
    PatchNo  PatchState  CodeAddr    CodeLen     DataAddr    DataLen     FuncNum
    20001    running     0x00010000  0x000020b0  0x00088000  0x00000a94  1      
    20002    running     0x000120b0  0x00001878  0x00088a94  0x0000098c  1      
    20003    running     0x00013928  0x00001654  0x00089420  0x00000988  1      
    20004    running     0x00014f7c  0x00001c80  0x00089da8  0x00000970  1      
    20005    running     0x00016bfc  0x0000311c  0x0008a718  0x00000a50  2      
    20006    running     0x00019d18  0x00002334  0x0008b168  0x000006d8  9      
    20007    running     0x0001c04c  0x00002a10  0x0008b840  0x00000be8  2      
    20008    running     0x0001ea5c  0x000002e4  0x0008c428  0x00000910  1      
  Total records :8  
GSCC version:  V1R8C02SPH201

Alarm Information


Handling Process

This is normal phenomena.

Root Cause

1,Use "cfg-get-bdinfo:bid" check the board manufacture information and find that 18-GSCC is B2 type board(SSN1GSCC-B2), but 17-GSCC is SSN1GSCC, so they have different numbers of hot patch.

2,Old board(SSN1GSCC) and new GSCC(SSN1GSCC-B2)have the same functions, but they have different CPU; When they are installed in the same NE, you add hot patch to main GSCC and can not use command(:patch-sync)to synchronize hot patch to standby GSCC;You need add hot patch to standby GSCC manually.         


Old board(SSN1GSCC) and new GSCC(SSN1GSCC-B2)have the same functions, but they have different CPU; When they are installed in the same NE, you add hot patch to main GSCC and can not use command(:patch-sync)to synchronize hot patch to standby GSCC;You need add hot patch to standby GSCC manually.