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Users are unable to watch certain IPTV programs randomly on MA5652G

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  84 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

In some MxU, during the period of high user activity when most of the BTV users are online, black screen occurs on the majority of the programs. The programs that have the black screen issue are random. The problem is not solved by any kind of restart (STB, MxU, modem, OLT). The MxU type is MA5652G, OLT type is MA5600T V800R007C00.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

Set the max-program parameter of the IGMP user in OLT to no-limit: igmp user modify slot 0/2 max-program no-limit After setting the max-program parameter to no-limit the MxU can order 32 multicast streams and as a result, black screen does not occur.

Root Cause

Upon debugging the IGMP messages, all users seam to work normally. The IGMP report packet is sent by user, the user gets online but there is no multicast flow forwarded to MA5652G.
Debugging on MxU:
*0.263270090 BTV/8/ALL:
  2011-01-19 16:20:41 User index 13 receive an IGMP packet
  Type: REPORT, Version: V2, Group IP:
*0.263270090 BTV/8/ALL:
  Warning: the BTV user has been online
Debugging is OK but there is no traffic and this program has black screen.
Upon checking the IGMP user for the MXU in OLT it is found that the "Available programs" parameter is 8. That means that the MxU can't order more than 8 multicast flows at a time. If there are more than 8 users online in MxU, they will compete for ordering programs. When the ninth user in online, he can only watch the programs that are already ordered by the other users. The max-program parameter of the IGMP user in OLT gives the number of multicast flows that can be ordered simultaneously by the MxU. As a result of setting it to 8, when users try to order more multicast flows, the black screen occurs.
For example, in this case users will be able to watch just some programs. As you can see, only 8 programs are sent by OLT and is not among them:
Information abou IGMP user in OLT. This IGMP user coresponds to MxU:
B_OLT_MA5600T_1#display igmp user service-port 2134
  User                       : 0/2/1/2134
  State                      : online
  Authentication             : no-auth
  Quick leave                : MAC-based
  IGMP flow ID               : 2134
  Video flow ID              : 2134
  Log switch                 : enable
  Bind profiles              : -
  IGMP version               : IGMP v2
  Available programs         : 8
  Global Leave               : disable
  User MaxBandWidth          : no-limit
  Used bandwidth(kbps)       : 30000
  Used bandwidth
  to max bandwidth(%)        : -
  Total video bandwidth      : -
  Mcast video bandwidth      : -
  Active program list
  Program name     VLAN  IP               State           Start-time 
  National_TV      2600     watching        2011-03-23 15:55:45
  Realitatea       2600    watching        2011-03-23 14:51:51
  VH1              2600    watching        2011-03-23 16:11:44
  Antena_1         2600     watching        2011-03-23 14:43:54
  PRO_TV           2600     watching        2011-03-23 15:51:55
  X-Dream          2600    watching        2011-03-23 14:59:50
  Antena_3         2600    watching        2011-03-23 16:19:42
  Service_1002     2600    watching        2011-03-23 16:01:32
  Total: 8