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FAQ Different modes of Optical NE for DWDM and NGWDM series

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  85 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

      Country T, company C had experienced Huawei DWDM products, and plans to deploy their network with NGWDM series in the future. Management software will be updated to U2000V1R2C01, which currently is T2000V2R7C03. Customers would like to know the differences of creating Optical NEs between the DWDM and NGWDM.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

      The reason behind to eliminate the procedure of configure Optical NEs for NGWDM is due to the Master-slave sub-rack management. Refer to Figure 1 and 2, for DWDM, sub-racks are created inside different Optical Module, while NGWDM is not, NGWDM using the master-slave concept to differentiate sub-racks. In addition, for ID and IP address distribution only apply on Master sub-rack, for slave sub-racks ID and IP address distribution will be in charged by master sub-rack and Element Management Server. This could prevent sub-rack ID conflict.

     For DWDM, HUB-distributed mode is implemented. As shown in Figure 2, sub-racks need to be resided in an Optical NE which connected to a HUB. With this, to enable the sub-racks communicate with network management server, Optical NE is needed as one identification for the sub-racks of one NE.



 Figure 1: Traditional DWDM HUB-distributed Mode


     Figure 2: NGWDM Master-slave sub-racks Management

Root Cause

     DWDM managed by T2000 EMS, while NGWDM manage using U2000 NMS. Besides, for DWDM, it is necessary to create sub-racks first, follow by Optical NEs, then allocate the sub-racks for correlative Optical NEs. On the other hand, for NGWDM case, U2000 is able to manage sub-racks directly without creating Optical NEs. It does simplify down the whole process.


        NGWDM solution which with Master-slave sub-rack concept, able to economized ID and IP address resource ,also a convenient way for the  Licences Management. We recommend customers to create Optical NEs in order to emphasize the type of NEs, upgrade the maintain ability.