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FAQ-How to configure AnnexM on MA5600T

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  165 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Customer want to sell ADSL AnnexM service to the business subsciber since there are lack of SHDSL ports. In this purpose they need information how to configure on ADPD service boards.


Alarm Information

Handling Process
In order to configure AnnexM, we have first to configure ADSL extline-profile where we will specifed that we will use this extended profile for AnnexM. Configuration of extline-profile have to be done in following way:

>>User name:root
>>User password:

Huawei Integrated Access Software.
Copyright(C) Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2002-2009. All rights reserved.



MA5600T-MSAN_TKC(config)#adsl extline-profile
{ add|delete|modify|quickadd|quickmodify }:add
{ |profile-index<1,32> }:

adsl extline-profile add
Start adding profile
Notes: If pilot tone is included in the forbidden tones ,the link may not be a
When port activated with annexA in mode G.992.1, 64tone is pilot
When port activated with annexB in mode G.992.1, 96tone is pilot
Press 'Q' to quit the current configuration and new configuration will be
>ííDo you want to name the profile (y/n) [n]:
> Will you configure the disabled tone? (y/n)[n]:
> Will you configure the minimum INP in downstream? (y/n)[n]:
> Will you configure the minimum INP in upstream? (y/n)[n]:
> Will you configure the maximum PSD mask in downstream? (y/n)[n]:
> Warning: The configuration of transmission mode in extline-profle will
replace the one configured in line-profile when the transmission mode is enabled!
> Will you enable the transmission mode?(y/n)[n]:y //// we have to choose Y in order to modify transmission mode
ADSL transmission mode in standard :
> 1: G.992.1 2: G.992.2 3: G.992.3 4: G.992.5 5: T1.413
> Please input the standard possible in use (1-5) [1,3-4]:4
ADSL annex type :
> 1: Annex.A 2: Annex.B 3: Annex.L 4: Annex.M
> Please input the Annex possible in use (1-2,4) [1-2,4]:4
Will you set Upstream PSD mask selection parameter?(y/n)[n]:y
> This parameter is used only for Annexes J and M of ITUT
> Recommendations G.992.3 and G.992.5.
> It ranges from 1 to 9,from ADLU-32 to ADLU-64 in Annexes J
> and from EU-32 to EU-64 in Annexes M.
> You can select the mask with the following definition:
> 1-ADLU-32/EU-32 2-ADLU-36/EU-36
> 3-ADLU-40/EU-40 4-ADLU-44/EU-44
> 5-ADLU-48/EU-48 6-ADLU-52/EU-52
> 7-ADLU-56/EU-56 8-ADLU-60/EU-60
> 9-ADLU-64/EU-64
> Please select(1~9)[1]:7
Add profile 2 successfully

Then you need to configure ADSL line profile with proper parameters

MA5600T-MSAN_TKC(config)#adsl line-profile add
{ |profile-index<2,999> }:

adsl line-profile add
Start adding profile
Press 'Q' to quit the current configuration and new configuration will be
>ííDo you want to name the profile (y/n) [n]:
> Please choose default value type 0-adsl 1-adsl2+ (0~1) [0]:1
> Will you set basic configuration for modem? (y/n)[n]:y
Note: Setting to these mode of G.992.3~5 will lead that the adsl ports that
are not support adsl2+ not be activated
> ADSL transmission mode:
> 0: All (G.992.1~5,T1.413)
> 1: Full rate(G.992.1/3/5 or T1.413)
> 2: g.lite(G.992.2/4) (ADSL over ISDN board doesn't support g.lite mode)
> 3: T1.413(ADSL over ISDN board doesn't support T1.413 mode)
> 4: g.dmt (G.992.1/3/5)
> 5: g.hs (G.992.1~5, G.992.5 is prior)
> 6: G.992.1
> 7: G.992.2(ADSL over ISDN board doesn't support G.992.2 mode)
> 8: G.992.3
> 9: G.992.4(ADSL over ISDN board doesn't support G.992.4 mode)
> 10:G.992.5
> 11: ADSL all (G.992.1~2,T1.413)
Please select (0~11) [0]:10
> Trellis mode 0-disable 1-enable (0~1) [1]:
> Downstream channel bit swap 0-disable 1-enable (0~1) [1]:
> Upstream channel bit swap 0-disable 1-enable (0~1) [1]:
> Please select channel mode 0-interleaved 1-fast (0~1) [0]:
> Will you set interleaved delay? (y/n)[n]:
>ííPlease select form of transmit rate adaptation in downstream:
> 0-fixed 1-adaptAtStartup 2-adaptAtRuntime (0~2) [1]:
> Will you set SNR margin for modem? (y/n)[n]:
> Will you set parameters for rate? (y/n)[n]:y
> Minimum transmit rate in downstream (32~32000 Kbps) [32]:
> Maximum transmit rate in downstream (32~32000 Kbps) [24544]:
> Minimum transmit rate in upstream (32~6000 Kbps) [32]:
> Maximum transmit rate in upstream (32~6000 Kbps) [1024]:2500
Add profile 45 successfully


MA5600T-MSAN_TKC(config)#interface adsl 0/1
MA5600T-MSAN_TKC(config-if-ads-l0/1)#deactivate 0
MA5600T-MSAN_TKC(config-if-ads-l0/1)# activate 0 profile index 45
MA5600T-MSAN_TKC(config-if-ads-l0/1)# extline-config 0 profile-index 2


Additionally CPE must support AnnexM in order to work

Root Cause