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N2000 BMS is failed to integrate with OSS due to there is no enough client license.

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  109 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
In X operator, there is NOC OSS which is used to monitor  the alarm of all the online NEs. thereby the corba NBI interface is used by all the EMS for  alarm notification to NOC OSS . but we found one N2000 BMS is failed to notice the alarm to upper OSS.
Alarm Information
NOC oss couldn't receive the NE alarms from that particular N2000 BMS, when use NBI tester to check whether corba interface is running, below error was given.

get emsSession......                                 get Ems IOR fail
user exception, ID ''
run pull alarm thread......                          OK
calling ems ping
exception: ping.emsSession......Fail

Handling Process
1. when we checked from sysmonitor, we found that Northbound Interface
Module(CORBA) Process, Corba Naming Service Process, and Corba Notify
Service Process are running.

2. As checked, the network connectivity is normal. and there is no issue with NBI user account. the agent file its parameter is also correct;

3. Then we analysised the logs which is frome directory: server/conf/iaf_corbaconf. (N2000 BMS version is V200R008).and below logs was observed.

T-ER: SecuAccountProxy: UNKNOWN: 12-17 19:56:43.109: (2016|2232):  send log info*n2000corba2 message fail,error is The user number has reached the maximum provided by the license.(76545968)!(n2000)
T-ER: SecuMgrCenter modul: UNKNOWN: 12-17 19:56:43.109: (2016|2232): n2000corba2 log fail
4. Till now , issue is clear,  the problem was aroused by BMS client license.  when we log out some BMS client. We found that BMS is successfully integrated with N0C OSS.
Root Cause
1. NBI related processes are not running on BMS;

2. Network connectivity problem;

3. NBI user on OSS is different from which is added on BMS;

4. NBI user is not added into permit ACL;

5.  port 9816 is prohibitted by firewall;

6. N2000 agent file its configuration is error;

7.license authority problem.