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Cannot connect to CORBA NBI due to not finding EmsSessionFactory_I automaticly

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  82 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Customer wants to receive alarms by CORBA NBI. But firstly they must connect to NMS by CORBA. Imanager N2000(version V200R012C03)returns error message like "exception in getting emssessionfactory:user exception, id ''", when HP TempIp system connecs to N2000.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1.After simulated problem by HUAWEI CORBA tool, i received below output

c:\documents and settings\administrator\desktop\corbacliewernt2.2\corbaclient2.2

read configuration file......                          ok

---------------------------------------------input file-------------------------
namingservice= username=****** userpassword=*******

-------------------------------------------input file end-----------------------

read orb parameter......                               ok

------------------------------------------[orb parameter]-----------------------
cargv[0]: -orbinitref
cargv[1]: nameservice=iioploc://
cargv[2]: -orbdotteddecimaladdresses
cargv[3]: 1
cargv[4]: -orbnegotiatecodesets
cargv[5]: 1
cargv[6]: -orbendpoint
cargv[7]: iiop://:

init orb ......                                        ok
get root poa......                                     ok
get nmssession poa......                               ok
activate nmssession poa......                          ok
create nmssession......                                ok
create timer for nms ping......                        ok
get naming service......                               ok
narrow to get naming context......                     ok
find emssessionfactory_i automatically......           ok

--------------------------------------emssessionfactory_i path------------------
------------------------------------emssessionfactory_i path end----------------

resolve emssessionfactory object......                 exception in getting emss
essionfactory:user exception, id '

c:\documents and settings\administrator\desktop\corbacliewernt2.2\corbaclient2.2
press any key to continue . . .

2.from the analysis from the logs and configuration files( /opt/n2000/server/conf/corbaagent.cfg and  /opt/n2000/server/conf/iaf_corbaconf/agent.xml), i can see that

 corbaagent is connected to namingservice running on iioploc://

but from /opt/n2000/server/conf/sysmoni/monicorbanamingservice.cfg i can see that namingservice is running on iiop://:9816

this means that namingservice is running on 9816 port on all the ips available in the n2000 server machine. as namingservice is running on all the available ipaddress in the system it is taking so much of time to resolve and provide response.

to avoid the “find emssessionfactory_i automatically”for a long time or connection fail problem, you need to modify below configuration files

in /opt/n2000/server/conf/sysmoni/monicorbanamingservice.cfg modify  iiop://:9816 to  iioploc://
in /opt/n2000/server/conf/sysmoni/monicorbanotifyservice.cfg modify  iiop://:10510 to  iioploc://

3.after above modification you need to restart below services.

a. kill emfsysmonidm and start again
b. stop below services from sysmonitor
        corba naming service process
        corba notify service process
        northbound interface module(corba) process
c. start below services from sysmonitor
        corba naming service process
        corba notify service process
        northbound interface module(corba) process

Root Cause
Normally HP TempIp system can connect N2000 by Corba protocol. But sometimes they cannot due to not finding emssessionfactory_i automaticly. I downloaded HUAWEI Corba Test tool to simulate this problems. There are 2 problems exist when try to connect N2000 by Corba NBI

1. It takes more than 10 minutes to find emssessionfactory_i automaticly
2. sometimes corba clients cannot find emssessionfactory_i automaticly, so it causes problem to receive alarms by corba NBI