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Board can't be deleted due to bad procedure of deleting fibers

Publication Date:  2012-07-25  |   Views:  209  |   Downloads:  3  |   Author:  Peter Potancok 78806  |   Document ID:  EKB0000552926


Issue Description

Customer decided to add one new OSN6800 (NE X) between two already built NEs (NE A and NE B). Because of this, he needs to change OA boards and DCM modules on both sites. NE A is a gateway and NE B communicates via ESC channel. This is a special case when customer doesn’t use SC and FIU boards. He directly interconnected OA boards between sites to reduce the cost.
On the "day D" the connection between NE A and NE B was canceled and a new site NE X was installed between them. Problem happened on site NE B when engineer was not able to delete old OA board in U2000WEBLCT on-site. He received an error message: “Board used by fiber”. Engineer didn’t find any fibers in fiber management window of NE B using WEBLCT and site NE B was unreachable from NMS.

Old design: NE A (IU1)OA<--------------------------------->OA(IU1)NE B

New design: NE A(IU1)OA<---------OA(IU1)-NE X-(IU2)-OA--------->OA(IU1)NE B

Alarm Information


Handling Process

If your NE is already unreachable from NMS and you can’t delete OA board, use navigator to delete fibers connected to this OA board.
  1. First, run “:cfg-get-fibermgr:0,0,0,0” to query fibers created on NE B
  2. Use “:cfg-del-fibermgr:srcneid, srcbid, srcpid, dstneid, dsrbid, dstpid” to delete unwanted fibers
srcneid - source ne id
srcbid - source board
srcpid - source port
dstneid – destination ne id
dsrbid – destination board
dstpid – destination port
  1. Then you can easily delete old oa board

Practical solution:
NE A (IU1)OA<---------------------------->OA(IU1)NE B

NE ID in hex format: NE A - 0x00f10002 (241-2)
NE B - 0x00f10013 (241-19)

Port relation of OAU board:
- OAU IN – port 1
- OAU PAOUT – port 2
- OAU BAIN – port 3
- OAU OUT – port 4
- OAU TDC/RDC – port 5
- OAU MON – port 6

To solve this problem on NE B follow below operation:

  1. In Navigator, run :cfg-get-fibermgr:0,0,0,0

srcneid srcbid srcport dstneid dstbid dstport
0x00f10013 1 5 0x00f10013 1 5
0x00f10013 1 4 0x00f10002 1 1

For us, important is only the record where srcbid is 1 because OAU board is placed in slot IU1 and directly connected to OAU of NE A.

  1. Delete all fibers related to OAU board in slot 1:
    • :cfg-del-fibermgr:0x0f10013,1,5,0x0f10013,1,5
    • :cfg-del-fibermgr:0x0f10013,1,4,0x0f10002,1,1
3. Now, you are able to delete the OAU board.

Root Cause

Because WEBLCT supports only fiber management within NE, fibers between NE A and NE B can’t be seen locally.


The problem is that old fiber between NE A and NE B can’t be deleted. Correct process to avoid this should be like this:
  1. First, delete all related fibers from NMS.
  2. Delete OAU boards either from NMS or locally using WEBLCT and after that implement site NE X.
  3. Locally add new OA boards using weblct.