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The unreasonable temperature threshold leads to TEMP_OVER reported on SSR1EFS8

Publication Date:  2019-07-09 Views:  130 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Customer finds that TEMP_OVER alarm is reported on SSR1PEFS8 board at slot 9 of serveral OSN1500 sites when other services boards are normal. The room temperature is around 25 centigrade. The host software version is,SSR1PEFS8 board version is 1.52.

Alarm Information

TEMP_OVER             MJ          start       2011-10-09 15:10:50      None                     NSA     NEW_BOARD                          board=9;01; 

Handling Process

The upper threshold of SSR1PEFS8 board temperaute is low ,then R1PEFS8 board reported TEMP_OVER alarm often.
1.Normally, we can set threshold of board temperaute by follow method: 
// configure the threshold of board temperaute:0/75 centigrade
//query the threshold of board temperaute
The result should be:
                             TEMP-HIGH-TH  TEMP-LOW-TH                          
                             750           0                                     
  Total records :1    
But as the SSR1PEFS8 board can not support this command(NSERR_CFG_BAD_TEMP_TH will report when we use the configure command).
2.We only can use the optp command to configure it:
//configure the threshold of board temperaute:0/75 centigrade(0x02ee=750)
#9-3xx[][2011-11-26 01:28:09+08:00]>
//query the threshold of board temperaute
#9-3xx[][2011-11-26 01:28:10+08:00]>
Optp cmd : 9006                                                                  
00 00 02 ee 00 00 00 00                                                          
  Total records :1 

Root Cause

According the data analysis, we find current temperature of R1PEFS8 board is 66.5 centigrade and the temperature threshold is 65 centigrade. So the alarm report is normal.
                                  BID     TEMP-NOW                               
                                  9       665                                    
  Total records :1                 
                             TEMP-HIGH-TH  TEMP-LOW-TH                           
                             650           0                                     
  Total records :1  
At same time, we check the temperature of other service boards which are 10 centigrade lower than the SSR1PEFS8 board. so we suspect that the alarm threshold setting is unreasonable.
                                  BID     TEMP-NOW                               
                                  6       475   
                                  BID     TEMP-NOW                               
                                  7       540                                    
  Total records :1
Then we do the test in the lab to confirm it: The room temperaute is 55 centigrade, the detect the chips of SSR1PEFS8 boards:
power chip temperaute:72.6 centigrade
EP3C80 chip temperaute:71.7 centigrade
Use navigator to query the  temperaute of SSR1PEFS8:
#9-5xx[][2010-07-24 17:57:25+08:00]>
                                  BID     TEMP-NOW                               
                                  9       765                                    
  Total records :1       
So confirm that the board temperaute is beyond the upper threshold which is not reasonable.   


The SSR1PEFS8 is far away from the fan, so the its temperaute is a little higher than other boards. When designs upper threshold of SSR1PEFS8 board temperaute, R&D ignores it and uses the default value.