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Binding static mac address by mistake cause ping failed between NE80 and PC

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  94 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Mac address binding not worked at NE80.
But by below test, mac address binding was not worked, as a result customer open a major ticket & blame us your product is not support for mac address binding.
Customer was tried by below step:
Step 1:
Configure below in Router_A
                        [ROUTER_A]Vlan 2010
                        Interface vlanif 2010
                        ip add 30
        undo shut
[ROUTER_A] interface Ethernet 9/1/11
undo shutdown
    port default vlan 2010
Step 2:
Configure ip mask: gw: in Laptop 1    NIC card. And Connect Laptop 1 to ether 9/1/11. ping Check the “dis arp” output of Router_A. Disconnect Laptop 1.
Step 3:
If step 2 ping is successful configure the below in Router_A for binding mac address of Laptop1 (‎F04D:A2C1:2A67).
[ROUTER_A] mac-address static ‎F04D:A2C1:2A67 Ethernet 9/1/11
Step 4:
Connect Laptop 1 to ether 9/1/11.
Ping Ping should be successful. Check the “dis arp” output of Router_A
Step 5:
Connect Laptop 2 (other Laptop which MAC address is different) to ether 9/1/11. Connect laptop 1 to ether 9/1/11.
Ping Ping should not be successful. Check the “dis arp” output of Router_A
Step 6: If Laptop1 can ping but Laptop2 can’t ping then, we can say that mac address binding is working properly.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

So, we propose them by below correct command at step 3 & test that again.
[Router_A]# arp static F04D:A2C1:2A67 vid 10 int Eth 9/1/11
By above command they were successful & after that trust us.

Root Cause

Since customer blames us that your product is not support, in that time, we are in challenge.
 So, we had collect operation log of that test procedure from customer & checked carefully. After deep analysis, we found the reason why it was not worked. They try to bind mac address with interface (mac-address static ‎F04D:A2C1:2A67 Ethernet 9/1/11). Actually that was wrong; they should bind this mac address with IP instead interface.


I have shared with my other colleges the correct procedure & command of mac address bindingprocedure.