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FAQ What temperature threshold is configured currently in our NE40,NE80,NE40E,NE80E

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  325 Downloads:  1

Issue Description

Questions: What temperature threshold is configured currently in our NE40/NE80/NE40E routers?
Questions: Is the threshold configured for the whole router’s temperature or especially for boards?
Questions: Is this feature enabled for every types of device (NE40/80/NE40E-X3, X8, X16/S9300/S5328) in our total network? If not then please specify the device type. Also mention temp is 90 for all devices?  

Alarm Information


Handling Process

Questions:  What’s the default behavior if the temperature exceeds the threshold?
Questions:  What’s the default behavior if the temperature exceeds the Minor, Major and Fatal threshold?
Answer: It will generate alarm when the temperature is over Minor, Major and Fatal threshold.
If you do not take any action for that router, then the device will hardware faulty or broken. Then the router will not working any more.
You should make the room temperature in the to low,
Questions:  What is exact value of temperature for which the router will behave abnormal?
Answer: more than 90
Questions:  What does it mean that the routers will not working anymore and hardware faulty or broken? Is it meaning that the total router will affect or particular board will affect? Please clearly mention the impact.
Answer: For the temperature issue, it is bad for router running in high temperature, maybe total router, maybe one board.
Questions: More than 90 is for which device? NE40/80 or NE40E? Please specify the value for device wise.
Answer: All the router, include NE40/80 and NE40E.
Questions: Also is there any feature in router for which router will get reset after the fatal temperature value? Please confirm.
Answer: There is not a feature, when the router's temperature is over one threshold value, the router will restart. But when the router is running at high temperature, if some chip is abnormal, the router will try to restart itself to recover the chip problem.
Questions: That means after reaching over the temperature of 90 deg the router will restart. In addition, at that condition the whole router will be affected or any particular board.
Answer: The whole router will be affected. It is bad for router running in high temperature.
Questions: Is there any control in that feature or can we stop the feature?
Answer: Only can set the threshold of the temperature.
Questions: Is there any other recovery process without restarting the router?
Answer: Normally, Temperature high issue is cause by air filter dust issue, you need to clean the air filter.
Questions: What is the recommendation about this feature?
Answer: The default threshold value is recommendation value.

Root Cause

For NE40/NE80/NE40E routers Display the configuration, status, and temperature value of the temperature sensor in slot 2.
[HUAWEI] display temperature lpu 2
Base-Board, Unit:C, Slot2
PCB   I2C Addr Chl  Status  Minor Major Fatal Adj_speed Temp
                                             TMin Tmax (C)
LPUF  1   1    0    NORMAL  70    80    90    60   70   36
LPUF  1   2    0    NORMAL  60    70    80    50   60   33
LPUF  1   4    0    NORMAL  70    80    90    60   70   35
LPUF  1   5    0    NORMAL  80    90    100   70   80   39
LPUF  1   6    0    NORMAL  70    80    90    60   70   38
LPUF  2   76   1    NORMAL  90    96    102   80   90   39
LPUF  2   76   2    NORMAL  90    96    102   80   90   40
TCMB  1   3    0    NORMAL  70    80    90    60   70   34
TCMB  1   7    0    NORMAL  60    70    80    50   60   31
For S93 switch:
<Quidway> display temperature all
Slot Card SDR No.  SensorName          Status   Upper  Lower  Temperature. (C)
 2    -    1       G24CA_VA TEMP       normal   88.00  0.00   29.00

 4    -    1       MCUA TEMP           normal   80.00  0.00   29.00

 5    -    1       MCUA TEMP           normal   80.00  0.00   27.00

For S53 switch:
<Quidway> display environment
Environment information:
Temperature information:
SlotID   CurrentTemperature  LowLimit  HighLimit
           (deg c )        (deg c)   (deg c )
1          30.1               0         63  


all in the attached file.