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CX600 MPU Memory High Usage problem

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  254 Downloads:  1

Issue Description

Many PTNs are connected to each one of Distribution Layer CX600 through GigaEthernet interfaces , each site contain up to five different services (2G, 3G, NSN, LTE and OAM) which use L2VPN VSI VPLS for each services , so many Configuration of services for sites are configured on CX600 and suddenly found on one or more that the CPU memory usage is very high more than 50% and gradually increasing everyday nearly 1% almost which could cause device Crash and traffic interrupted anytime.

Alarm Information

CX600 MPU High Memory Usage

Handling Process

There are two solutions
First Solution (Permenent):
RND support made a Patch to solve the High MPU Memory Usage on CX600.
 the Patch is attached for solve this issue (Hint : the patch is not yet uploaded on the support website software center as it's fresh bug)

Second Solution ( Temperary ):
Firstly, You need to stop using Command that display Current Configuration on High CPU Memory usage CX600 before reach to high dangerous level .
Then , Prepare a Plan to Switchover Master SRU to Slave SRU through RFC Ticket with all preparation including backup config & status and Roll-Back Plan
# Slave Switchover Enable
# Slave Switchover
Finally, Check the Services Status and Configuration on the CX600.

>display health
Slot                CPU Usage  Memory Usage(Used/Total)
 9 MPU(Master)          8%           27%  503MB/1804MB
 1 LPU                 22%           36%  301MB/833MB
 2 LPU                 15%           35%  299MB/833MB
10 MPU(Slave)           5%           25%  458MB/1804MB

>display memory-usage
 Memory utilization statistics at 2012-06-05 15:31:06 230 ms
 System Total Memory Is: 1900084424 bytes
 Total Memory Used Is: 535674452 bytes
 Memory Using Percentage Is: 28%

Root Cause

More than 200 VSI L2VPN VPLS is configured on some distribution CX600-X8 V600R03 besides MPLS TE tunnels for each service per site which cause a lot of configuration lines on CX600 and when Display ,Check or Troubleshoot configuration casue increase memory usage on the device.

Root Cause : due to huge amount of configurations for a lot of sites , each site carry at least 5 different type of services , each service has it's own VSI for each site so when excute command "Display current configuration" will increase MPU memory usage for the CX600 without empty all the memory usage after that due to software bug that can't clear that much of all current occupied huge usage of memory so the memory usage keep accumulated every time excute this command which was very big risk on live network.

R&D analysis : when the configuration on CX600 exceed more 10,000 lines and when excute command "display current configuration" to preview this much lines on the memory, it increases the used memory usage without garbage "free up" the used memory after finish excute the commad, which is software bug need to be solved . 


It is suggested to use first Solution for this case unless it's emergency needed second soluion .