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IGMP mode snooping cause CPU utilization high lead to IPTV freezing

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  115 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
MA version : SmartAX MA5600 V800R006C31B059
Alarm Information
#display cpu
 CPU occupancy: 71%

# display igmp statistic global

The data of global IGMP statistic:                                           
  Receive V1 general query number                     : 0                      
  Receive V2 general query number                     : 164447                 
  Receive V3 general query number                     : 0                      
  Receive V2 specific query number                    : 29439994               
  Receive V3 specific query number                    : 0                      
  Receive V1 total report packets number              : 0                      
  Receive V2 total report packets number              : 2229039417  // num of report packets are very high
  Receive V3 total report packets number              : 18677                  
  Receive V2 leave packets number                     : 21296235               
  Receive V2 global leave packets number              : 0                      
  Receive invalid igmp packets                        : 348631                 
  Send V2 general query number                        : 112138246              
  Send V3 general query number                        : 57                     
  Send V2 specific query number                       : 1882711028             
  Send V3 specific query number                       : 0                      
  Send V2 report packets number                       : 0                      
  Send V3 report packets number                       : 0                      
  Send V2 leave packets number                        : 0                      
  Send V2 global leave packets number                 : 28                     

#display statistics service-port x        
 Number of upstream bytes             : 2527408761                             
 Number of upstream packets           : 11351959                               
 Number of upstream discard packets   : 0                                      
 Number of downstream bytes           : 60496477527                            
 Number of downstream packets         : 914313565                              
 Number of downstream discard packets : 170 
Handling Process
After checking the CPU utilization by #display cpu shows % of utilization

Use this command to check  total report packets number            
                                            #display igmp statistic global 

Check the IGMP global configuration # display igmp config vlan all

The configured IGMP mode is snooping.
IGMP mode should be proxy.

Step to change IGMP mode from snooping to proxy
huawei(config-mvlan600)#igmp mode                                                
{ off<K>|proxy<K>|snooping<K> }:proxy                                          
          igmp mode proxy                                                      
  Are you sure to change IGMP mode?(y/n)[n]:y

Root Cause

IGMP snooping mode will create a lot of report packets that lead to high CPU usage and make some packet drop happen (created problem like IPTV freeze or jerking).The advantage of using proxy mode is it can make the GPBD board sharing in the load.