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FAQ-Why AS number is showed in tracert result

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  125 Downloads:  0

Issue Description


【Software Version】V6R1C00SPC800

【Problem Description】Why AS number is showed in tracert result?

【Problem Phenomenon】
<HUAWEI>tracert -vpn-instance iub
traceroute to iub, max hops: 30 ,packet length: 40,press CTRL_C to break
1 10.220.X.42 6 ms  18 ms  9 ms
2 10.220.X.46 6 ms  18 ms  9 ms
3 10.220.X.50 11 ms  9 ms  10 ms
4 10.220.X.54 10 ms  11 ms  8 ms
5 10.220.X.58 54 ms  1 ms  20 ms
6 10.220.X.37 6 ms  10 ms  10 ms
7 < AS=65343 > 11 ms  8 ms  10 ms

Alarm Information


Handling Process


Root Cause

If search Hop IP in FIB, OriginAS field is non-zero, and then AS number will be showed in tracert result.

<HUAWEI>dis fib -vpn-instance iub verbose
  Route Entry Count: 1
 Destination:          Mask     :
 Nexthop    :          OutIf    : GigabitEthernet1/0/0
 LocalAddr  :          LocalMask:
 Flags      : DGU                   Age      : 14968sec
 ATIndex    : 0                   Slot     : 1
 LspFwdFlag : 1                   LspToken : 0x1018 
 InLabel    : 13314                OriginAs : 65343

Each return IP address is the IP address on the incoming interface of the P router except final desination IP.
For each hop IP, local will check its OriginAS info in FIB, if OriginAS field is non-zero, AS number will be showed in tracert result. If OriginAS field is zero, then AS number will not be showed. Searching each hop IP is necessary, purpose is to check and show where return IP is from.