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Wrong WebBrowser configuration and blocked of a port on Solaris operative system causes failure to connect to webServer of U2000

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  2 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
There was a Solaris server which had installed the U2000V1R2C01SPC04 software. All the instances were deployed and it was working properly. However, when some functions or menus that use webServer service such “link configuration” in microwaves NEs wanted to be displayed from customer’s NOC there was the following error advertisement: “Failed to connect with web Sever”. When, it was tried to display the same information but using directly the client installed in the server, the error advertisement did not appear but instead of the information of the menu there was a white screen.

Alarm Information
From customer’s NOC:

From server’s client:

Handling Process

From NOC
The first thing checked was the proper connection between the U2000 client installed in customer’s NOC and the server. Therefore, many tests of ping and traceroute using the ports of the different services necessary to connect each other were done. Thanks to this, we detected that webSever port 8080 was blocked.
Then, the port was open in the path, but the fault was still there, because a white screen started to be showed but the information never appeared.
Direct from client of the server
In the troubleshooting analyze it was concluded the necessity of avoid Network elements in the data path, that’s why we tried a direct connection from the client installed in the server. But a white screen was displayed instead of the information of the menu. This behavior was really bizarre because there were not equipments over the path between the server and the NEs able to block any request. This means that the connection throw the DCN was completely transparent.
Therefore, we decided to check out the web configuration of the server and when the WebBrowser used by default was checked we found the following wrong parameters:
Cookie acceptance policy = block cookies
Popup windows = block unrequested popup window
Proxies = Manual proxy configuration
These parameters were changed to:
Cookie acceptance policy = allow all cookies
Popup windows = Not block unrequested popup windows
Proxies = Direct connection to the Internet


Root Cause
Under this background we decided to split the problem into two parts. The first one is the fact that from customer’s NOC there was an error advertisement, and the second one, the white screen from the client installed in the server.
  1. From NOC
There was a network element in the customer DCN that were blocking the necessary port of WebServer (port: 8080). So, this situation was solved just opening the port in some firewall in the data path.
  1. Direct from client of the server
The white screen was displayed because of a wrong configuration in some parameters of the WebBrowser used as default by Solaris

In order to achieve properly connection to U2000 from any client there are two important thinks to take into account:

1. There must be a direct connection to the servers where the U2000 is allocated. In case of FireWall or other network elements in the path, it is necessary to open all the necessary ports such as: 8080(webServer), 31037(server), 1400(navigator), 20-21(FTP) and so on.
2. In the server it is necessary to confirm the configuration of the WebBrowser installed by default, because cookies and popups must be accepted and the connection should be directly, at least the network requires a proxy configuration.