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FAQ How to determine the reboot reason of a NE router

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  2 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Equipment: NE80E
Version: V600R001C00SPCe00

Alarm Information

Handling Process
When ever it´s necessary to confirm the reboot reason of a NE router, you can use the hidden command "display reboot-information", like:

Enter system view, return user view with Ctrl+Z.
Now you enter a hidden command view for developer's testing, some commands may
affect operation by wrong use, please carefully use it with HUAWEI engineer's
[NE80E_1-hidecmd]display reboot-information

 System startup time    : 2000.01.01  00:00:57.000
 System startup cputick : 0x00000000 a57b4d6d
 System reboot at file  : Unknow, Line: 0
 System reboot by task  : co0 , VID: 6, OsalID: 0x6fd8110
 System reboot type     : 1, Reset by calling reboot(0)
 System reboot CPUID    : 0
 System reboot time     : 2000.01.01  00:48:15.550
 System reboot cputick  : 0x00000016 9d08f82f
 System reboot callstack:
 <-- 0x0063e214(CSTK_GetCallStackEx + 0x0) <-- 0x006b4e38(RBT_RebootSaveInfo + 0x60c)
 <-- 0x006b5af4(RBT_RebootVxHook + 0x88) <-- 0x0058415c(reboot + 0x5c)
 <-- 0x0432ff80(SRM_ReloadBoard + 0x9c) <-- 0x04333b14(BHM_MpuResetProc + 0x2b8)
 <-- 0x0386e51c(BHM_ResetBoardLocal + 0x3dc) <-- 0x0386e884(BHM_Board_Reset + 0x2dc)
 <-- 0x0386fc80(SRM_Board_Reset + 0x358) <-- 0x0438e164(PPI_DEV_ResetBoard + 0xd8)
 <-- 0x0438e648(PPI_DEV_ResetSystem + 0x8c) <-- 0x00bdb870(CLI_ProcSysReboot + 0x268)
 <-- 0x00bddd3c(CLI_ProcReboot + 0x330) <-- 0x00b967c4(CLI_SysCmdProc + 0xf0)
 <-- 0x00b4d248(CFG_SendCmdAndGetResponse + 0x61c) <-- 0x00bae868(CLI_MakeMsgPacket + 0x6fc)
 <-- 0x00bbc3a0(CLI_ProcessMatchedCmd + 0x388) <-- 0x00bbe480(CLI_CmdMatch + 0x109c)
 <-- 0x00bc14bc(CLI_DoCmdLine + 0xb8) <-- 0x00bc1a0c(CLI_ExecuteCommand + 0x418)

If command is ran and no output is shown, it means that the equipment was powered off and powered on again or it never rebooted after last boot. On the sample above, the "reset by calling reboot" information means that the equipment was rebooted due the command "REBOOT".

Unfortunately, other reboot reasons couldn´t be identified, since this test ran in a laboratory and other reboot conditions were not possible to be reproduced.
Root Cause