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U2000 failed to synchronize data from NE due to poz file already existed and locked in ftp server

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  136 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
When U2000 tried to synchronize data from UA5000, there was error message: “Data collect failed, please try it again later.”

Alarm Information

Handling Process

1.  From U2000 queried information of the UA5000 successfully. The communication between U2000 and the UA5000 was normal.
2.  Telnet to the UA5000, and enable “event output all” on UA5000 CLI. Then U2000 tried to synchronize data from it again. There were alarms coming out, showing “failed to transfer the file”.

3.  It was possible the FTP server on U2000 server did not work. Set up ftp parameter on the UA5000, manually back up using CLI command and ftp protocol to the U2000 server It was successful.


4.  Step 3 proved the FTP server works normally. Started Wireshark to capture packets between U2000 server and the UA5000 and reproduce the issue.
5.  In lab, built a test environment and tried to reproduce the issue, with Wireshark capturing packets between U2000 and UA5000. Found that when U2000 synchronize UA5000, UA5000 login FTP server using account ftpuser/u2000ftpuser, and then listed a file named 7340034.poz. UA5000 uploaded a file named 7340034.poz to FTP server. Under the ftp directory on U2000, a file named 7340034.poz was created, and then it was deleted automatically after seconds (moved to directory \u2000\server\nemgr\nemgr-access and rename 7340034.pod).
6.  Knowing the synchronization procedure, I analysed the packets captured in step 4. UA5000 queried a file on ftp server, but did not upload a file to the ftp server. Checked the ftp directory on U2000, found there was already a file. Tried to delete the file, but a message said the file was being used by another process.
7.  Used unlock software to unlock and delete the file (It was locked by the "XftpDm.exe" in the U2000\server\common\xftp\bin directory).
8.  U2000 tried to synchronize again, but still failed. Captured packets between u2000 and UA5000 again to find the ftp server saying the file 7340034.poz is used by another process.
9.  Login U2000 system monitor and restarted the xftpwatcher (related with XftpDm.exe). Then U2000 could synchronize UA5000 successfully.

Root Cause

1. Communication between U2000 and UA5000 was abnormal.
2. FTP server did not work.


1.  When U2000 synchronize UA5000, it will check its ftp directory if there is a file named xxxxxxx.poz. If there is, the file will be moved to directory of “…\u2000\server\nemgr\nemgr-access\poll-backup” and renamed xxxxxxx.pod. UA5000 will upload a file named xxxxxxx.poz to the U2000 ftp server. U2000 will process the file and then move the file after seconds to directory of “…\u2000\server\nemgr\nemgr-access”.
2.  If synchronization fails, check if the FTP server works normally by backup data manually to U2000 ftp server from UA5000.
3.  If ftp server works well, but synchronization still fails, check the ftp directory to find any file named xxxxxxx.poz. If there is such kind of file, un-clock and delete them, the restart U2000 xftpwatcher process.