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How to restore database data when a database under suspect status and can not be fixed

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  2 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
In country A customer B, the U2000 alarmdb is in suspect status. we try to fix the status use sybase guide, but failed.

Alarm Information
1> sp_helpdb alarmdb
2> go
         owner                        dbid           
             1000.0 MB                                      
         NMSuser                        14           
         Dec 22, 2010                                   
(1 row affected)
 device_fragments               size          usage              
         created                   free kbytes     
 ------------------------------ ------------- --------------------
         ------------------------- ----------------
 FaultDB_nms_dev                     100.0 MB data only          
         Mar 16 2011  2:13AM                    176
 FaultDB_nmsLog_dev                  500.0 MB log only           
         Mar 16 2011  2:13AM       not applicable  
 FaultDB_nms_dev1                    100.0 MB data only          
         Mar 16 2011  2:13AM                  33418
 BMSDB_nms_dev                       100.0 MB data only          
         Mar 16 2011  2:13AM                  27920
 FaultDB_nms_dev                     100.0 MB data only          
         Mar 16 2011  2:13AM                  15924
 BMSDB_nms_dev                       100.0 MB data only          
         Mar 16 2011  2:13AM                  96678                                                                                    
 log only free kbytes = 2155704                                                                                   
(return status = 0)

Handling Process
Delete the alarmdb and create it again,Then use MSUTE tool to recover the data to the latest database backup.  
When a database in suspect status and can’t be fixed, we should use following method to delete the database and create it again.In isql command, use dbcc dbrepair(DBname, dropdb) delete the database, we should replace the DBname to the database name which you want to delete.
After the database recreate, use MSUITE tool to recover the database to the latest backup.
For the detailed process,please see the attachment.

Root Cause
The database aborted abnormally.

Database should be shutdown normally, if it aborted because power lost or other reason,  then can reference this guide to restore.