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FTP can not be used after U2000 upgrade, leading to the subsequent of use U2000 failed to upgrade

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  359 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

U2000 upgrade from V1R2C01SPC100 to V1R6C00SPC200
Server operating system: Solaris

After U2000 upgrade to V1R6C00SPC200, NE upgrade using U2000 integrated DC tools, the NE package loading always fails. Checking the FTP settings, it's the same as we upgrade U2000 before(we can proceed NE upgrading successfully before upgrading U2000).  Testing FTP, the error information "invalid the server root directory" appears, but the root directory is the same as upgraded before, that is in the root directory / ftproot. Before we made NE upgrade, we use the FTP on the server to upload the package, but the package loading process always failed. So we make sure that it is the FTP problem.

Alarm Information

In testing the FTP server in U2000, it appears the error message "invalid server root directory".

Handling Process

Treatment options:
1. Recommend to use U2000 default user ftpuser and the default password is u2000ftpuser.
The command to initiate the password is  #usermod -d /ftpboot ftpuser

2. Restart the ftp. (After upgrading U2000 to a new version if this error happens)
After upgrading U2000, the server restart, but the U2000 FTP does not start properly. Execute commands to restart the FTP, the FTP function recoveries. We suceeded to upload NE database and upgrade NE too.

Root Cause

According to the error message, it is a problem with the FTP settings.

1, By using U2000 xFTP Monitor, we found that the status of the FTP monitoring state is normal. After testing the xFTP function, we saw the error message  "ensure that the root directory of the remote file sever is correct".
2, The original path of FTP is / ftproot, we tried to re-built a new directory / xxx in root directory, and the test result was still  "invalid the server root directory" . So we confirmed that it was not path problem. Then we change the directory to the original one / ftproot.
3, Change the FTP user name to root user, the problem remains.
4, Enable the directory folder read and write permissions, the problem is still there (input ls-l, i found the user name changed into 777).
5, After checking some data and GTAC located the problem, he recommended that ftp is better not to use root user. I used the command # chown ftpuser / ftproot to modify it to ftpuser user. But when I inputted initial password u2000ftpuser, and the password was not correct.So we used the commond #usermod -d /ftpboot ftpuser to initiate the password.
After that, we restart FTP using the following commands:

Stop FTP:
#inetconv -i /etc/inet/inetd.conf 1>/dev/null 2>&1
#svcadm disable svc:/network/ftp

Restart FTP:
#inetconv -i /etc/inet/inetd.conf 1>/dev/null 2>&1
#svcadm enable svc:/network/ftp

After restarting FTP, the FTP worked normally.


1. Recommend to use U2000 default user ftpuser and the default password is u2000ftpuser.
2. After upgrading U2000, if the FTP test appears after the prompt "invalid the server root directory", recommend to restart the FTP server to solve this problem.