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Fault calculation of performance instances because of u2000 license formula

Publication Date:  2012-07-25 Views:  152 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

a customer in ana operator having U2000 with version V100R002C01SPC004,Patch U2000 V100R002C01CP2402.
the customer confirmed that his purchased license providing him 5400 performance instances for his devices to be added at the U2000
but when he tries to add performance instances for some interfaces for NE40E,S8505 or any device,there is an error for the license limit for the performance instance, although the system U2000 shows that he was adding only 99 instances not 5400
so he is asking how the system does not want to add more instances while my license is 5400

Alarm Information

license limit for the performance instance

Handling Process

checking Hedex & sent the table and the calculation formula to the customer to calculate the actual instances created at the U2000 and after calculation we found that his instances exceeded the limit of his license and he will upgrade it.
the formula is just like below:
Number of equivalent NEs in the IP domain> = (Number of IP NEs of type_I x Equivalent coefficient) + ... + (Number of IP NEs of type_n x Equivalent coefficient)
For example, there are 5 NE5000E (equivalent coefficient: 10), 200 S5300 (equivalent coefficient: 1.25), and 1000 CX200 (equivalent coefficient: 0.625). Then, you can calculate the number of equivalent NEs in the IP domain as follows:
Number of equivalent NEs in the IP domain = 5 x 10 + 200 x 1.25 + 1000 x 0.625 = 925
also you can find all the information at the attached documents.

Root Cause

after checking from Hedex , i found that there is a formula to calculate the actual instance that the U2000 calculate for each device .
which means that the total perfomance instance for the whole device is not equal to 1 but in other hand is equal to different number which based on a calculating formula which you can find at this case.
which means that the 99 instances entered by the customer to the U2000 will not really equal to actual 99 instances at the U2000 but it may be more instances according to the based formula.
the attached file showing the formula and description of how to calculate the actual instances at the U2000