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How to Configure the Trunk Function for the T8000 Blade Server and Nortel Switch?

Publication Date:  2012-07-17 Views:  154 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
During the test on the interconnection between the T8000 blade server and Nortel 8600 switch at a deployment site, the customer's technical contact person and Huawei authorized service center have commissioned for three days, but the terminal of the maintenance network segment VLAN 63 cannot ping through the management IP addresses of the blade server and switch board, and even other servers connected to the Nortel switch cannot communicate with the T8000 blade server.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1) Configure the Nortel switch.
According to the opinions of the filed delivery personnel and Nortel switch maintenance personnel, the Nortel switch is configured as follows:
Port 7/27 of the Nortel switch corresponds to the T8000 switch board and should be set a Trunk port. The default VLAN is 63.
2. Configure the T8000 switch board.
View the information about the ports of the switch board base plane:
[A_slot_8-hidecmd]_dis slot
Logic-Port       Description                Unit           Physical-Port
G0/01            NULL                       00             00                
G0/02            Connect to CMM(right)      00             01                
G0/03            Slot 14                    00             02                
G0/04            Slot 1                     00             03                 
G0/05            Slot 13                    00             04                
G0/06            Slot 2                     00             05                
G0/07            Slot 12                    00             06                
G0/08            Slot 3                     00             07                
G0/00            Slot 7                     00             00                
G0/00            Slot 8                     00             00                
G0/09            LAN 0                      00             08                
G0/10            LAN 1                      00             09                
G0/11            LAN 2                      00             10                
G0/12            LAN 3                      00             11                
G0/13            Slot 11                    01             00                
G0/14            Slot 4                     01             01                
G0/15            Slot 10                    01             02                
G0/16            Slot 5                     01             03                
G0/17            Slot 9                     01             04                
G0/18            Slot 6                     01             05                
G0/19            BASE to BASE               01             06                
G0/20            Connect to CMM(left)       01             07                
G0/21            Connect to FC              01             08                
G0/22            Connect to GE              01             09                
G0/23            NULL                       01             10                
G0/24            Front LAN                  01             11
As shown on the previous screen, G0/9 is a Trunk port connecting to the Nortel switch and the PVID is set to 63. G0/3-8 and G0/13-18 are all the ports of blade servers. These ports need to be added to the VLAN202 (planned service VLAN). Set an IP address for VLAN63 to facilitate the switch board management.
3. G0/19 is the expansion port of the two switch boards. Therefore, the Trunk function also needs to be enabled.
4. To prevent loops, the STP needs to be enabled.
5. Generally, it is recommended that G0/9-12 be bound with link-aggregation. Because there is no online service involved, port binding can be handled by the personnel in the authorized service center in the subsequent operation.
Root Cause
1. The port connected to the blade server is not added to the VLAN.
2 Trunk is not configured for the expansion ports of the two switch boards.
3. The switch board base plane severs as a switch. Because the switch is internally connected, it is invisible to the field personnel. This confuses the field personnel and disables them to configure it like a common switch.
1. The customer requires that the service IP address be within VLAN202 network segment and the management IP address be within VLAN63. Based on this, Trunk is required for the expansion cable between the T8000 switch board and Nortel switch.
2. TRUNK PERMIT VLAN and default VLAN (different vendors use different VLANs such as default VLAN, PVID, or Native VLAN) of the T8000 blade server and Nortel switch must be the same. The consistency needs to be confirmed with the Nortel switch maintenance personnel.
3. Each blade server in a slot serves as an independent machine. Therefore, the switch port to which the network port connects also needs to be configured with the VLAN. On the switch board, you cannot see the actual connection, but when you enter the corresponding plane, you can view the corresponding port.
4. Set an IP address for VLAN63 to facilitate the switch board management.