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Why Cannot User Master Log in to the N8000 Master Node?

Publication Date:  2012-07-18 Views:  711 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

In an N8300 office, when the user logs in as user master, This account is currently not available is displayed.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

Step 1  Check whether the network cables of the N8000 are normal by using the ethtool command.
Step 2  Determine which node is the master node. Log in as user support and run the vxdctl -c mode command.
Step 3  Run the hastatus -sum|grep Man command to check the management console service of the master node is normal. If the status of both nodes is offline, go to step 4.
testN8300_02:~ # hastatus -sum|grep Man
B ManagementConsole testN8300_01             Y          N               OFFLINE       
B ManagementConsole testN8300_02             Y          N               ONLINE
Step 4  Run the hastatus –sum command to check whether the cluster status is normal. If the cluster status is still abnormal, go to step 5.
testN8300_02:~ # hastatus -sum
-- System               State                Frozen             
A  testN8300_01             RUNNING              0                   
A  testN8300_02             RUNNING              0
Step 5  Log in to testN8300_02 (main node in this example) as user support. Run the hastop –local command to stop services and then the hastart command to restart the services. Wait two to four minutes. Run the hastatus –sum command to check the services. If the service status is abnormal, go to step 6.
Step 6  Run the reboot command on testN8300_02 to restart the node. Wait for approximately five minutes and check whether testN8300_02 is completely started. If yes, log in to the node as user support and run the hastatus command to check service status. If the service status is normal, you can log in to the master node as user master. If the service status is still abnormal, contact R&D personnel.

Root Cause

  1. The physical connection of the network port with the console IP address is faulty.
2. The management console service is not started.