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Live Video Display Fails Because the Versions of the PSM and BSM Are Unmatched

Publication Date:  2012-07-20 Views:  480 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
l           iNVS V100R002C01
l           iNVS V100R002C02
When you log in to the surveillance software and attempt to open the live video of each camera, all attempts time out.
Alarm Information
Handling Process

Run the following commands to uninstall the PSM and the BSM.

1.         service iNVS stop

2.         cd /hinvs/scripts/uninstall/

3.         ./

Reinstall the PSM and the BSM.

2.         Copy the latest PSM installation package to the root directory of the NVR.

3.         Run the cd command to enter the directory in which the installation file resides.

4.         Run the tar -jvxf installation file name command to decompress the installation package.

The following shows the process:

linux-70r1:~ # cd ~/PSM/
linux-70r1:~/PSM # tar -jvxf PSM_100.002.02.004.tar.bz2

5.         After the installation package is decompressed, run the cd package/scripts/ command to enter the directory in which the installation file resides.

6.         Run the chmod x install.she command to add execute permission to the installation file.

7.         Run the ./install.she command to install the PSM and the BSM.

70r1:~/PSM # cd package/scripts/                  
linux-70r1:~/PSM/package/scripts # chmod x 
linux-70r1:~/PSM/package/scripts # ./

After the installation is complete, restart the NVR.

Root Cause
Cause analysis:
1.         Connect an SSH tool to the NVR.
The default user name is root and default password is 123456.
2.         Run the /hinvs/psm/bin/NVS_StoreSvr -v command to view the versions of the PSM and the BSM.
The PSM version is V100R002C01SPC013, and the BSM version is V100R002C01SPH171. The versions are unmatched.

If you need to check the B version, run the /hinvs/psm/bin/NVS_StoreSvr -wow@iNvs command.
Only the BSM is patched. The versions of the PSM and BSM are unmatched, which causes the live video display failure.
The iNVS has many components. When you install patches, ensure that the C versions of the following components are the same:
l           Basic unit: the PSM and the BSM.
l           Management unit: the PSM, BSM, ISM, and PNM.
l           PVM software: Monitor Software, Special Player, and ConfigTool.
l           TMS software: the TMS client and the TMS server.