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How to Manage the LUN Configuration in the S5100 Storage Device by the LVM in the SUSE Linux 9 OS?

Publication Date:  2012-07-20  |   Views:  199  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  anliku  |   Document ID:  EKB1000009880


Issue Description

1. Version:
The server is SUSE Linux 9 sp3  2.6.5-7.244-smp
The server has LVM 2.01.14.
Huawei storage device is OceanStor S5100.
2. Network overview: Nineteen LUNs on the S5100 are assigned to the server. The total capacity is 38 TB with each LUN of 2 TB. The server can use the 19 LUNs, but the customer requires to replan the LUNs in the LVM of the Linux OS. The capacity of each LUN is 8 TB (the Linux OS and the XFS file system supports 16 TB LUNs). Four 8 TB logical volumes (LVs) and one 6 TB LV are required. For the operation steps, refer to the attachment.
3. Fault symptom: After the server is restarted, the created physical volumes (PVs) cannot be discovered by using the PVS. Volume groups (VGs) and LVs cannot be discovered either. The created PVs can be discovered only after they are rescanned by the PVS.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

To automatically activate the LVM when the system is started, add the following commands to the start rc script (run the vi  etc/init.d/rc command to add the commands at the end of the line).
/sbin/vgchange -a y
All available LUNs can be viewed an activated by running the two commands. Note that the two commands should be executed before file systems are installed; otherwise, file systems cannot be properly installed. To close the LVM when the system is shut down, add the /sbin/vgchange -a n command to the shutdown rc script to ensure that the command is executed after all file systems are uninstalled.

Root Cause

The SUSE 9 SP3 OS assumes that the LVM is inactivated and the PVS is disabled when the system is started.


1. Currently, it is not recommended to use the LUNs assigned to the server for LVM management. If it is necessary to use the LUNs assigned to the server for LVM management, discuss with R&D engineers.
2. Although the LUNs assigned to the server are successfully used for LVM management on the SUSE 9 SP 3 OS, the system performance and data recovery are affected.