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How to Retrieve the Admin Password of the S2600 R2?

Publication Date:  2012-07-20 Views:  5 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
The admin password of the S2600 R2 is lost.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
For the S2600 R2 of the or a later version, refer to method 1. For the S2600 R2 of a version earlier than, refer to method 2.
Method 1:
Step 1  Log in to the storage system by using the serial port. Enter the user name _super_admin and the password. Passwords vary from versions. The password of a version earlier than is 123456 and that of the or a later version is 321654.
Step 2  After the successful login, run the initpasswd command to initialize the admin password (123456).
Step 3  Run the exit command to log out of the S2600. The password of the admin user has been changed to 123456.
Method 2:
Step 1  Log in to the storage system by using the serial port. When the grub screen is displayed, press upward or downward arrow to move the cursor to OS_RESCUE, and then type P. Type the password 123456. Press the Enter key. The OS_RESCUE mode is displayed.
Step 2  In the OS_RESCUE mode, type the user name admin and password 123456 to log in to the mode.
Step 3  Edit the /startup_disk/conf/shadow file. Change the password of admin to the ciphertext of admin (123456) in the /etc/shadow_default file.
Step 4  Run the sync command to synchronize information and then restart the system. The password of admin is changed to 123456.
Step 5  After the system restarts, go to the AK-I mode. When the login prompt is displayed, enter the user name admin and password 123456 to log in to the system. (For the S2600 of an old version, the login prompt needs to be manually displayed, that is, press the Enter key when the” blogd: no message logging because /var file system is not accessible” message is displayed.) For the storage system does not start up completely, the “connect server error” alarm is displayed. Press Shift+9 to log in to the system from the backdoor.
Step 6  After the successful login, wait until the system to start up. Repeat step 3 to change the ciphex of admin again. (At this time, the password of admin stored in coffer is changed to 123456.)
Step 7  Run the cd /startup_disk/conf command to go to the /startup_disk/conf directory.
Step 8  Generate a new verification file md5sum passwd shadow > md5sum_ps.
Step 9  Run the sync command to synchronize information and then run the reboot command to restart the system.
Note: It is recommended to perform the previous two methods in single controller mode to avoid the improper password synchronization by the authentication module between dual controllers. After the password of one controller is changed, make the system run in the single controller mode. After that, insert the other controller, and the password is automatically synchronized to it. After the dual controllers start up normally, the password is successfully changed.
Root Cause
Keep the user password carefully. Once a password is lost, contact Huawei Symantec 400 center for further handling.