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Ethernet Interface Feature Synchronization Fails

Publication Date:  2019-07-04 Views:  458 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Synchronization of NE features fails and a message is displayed that the synchronization of Ethernet interface features fails.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

1.         For Cause 1:

Change the Telnet or STelnet parameter settings until they are the same as those on the NE and try again.

2.         For Cause 2: 

1.         Run the display users all command to display the online users.

[Eudemon]display users all
   User-Intf  Delay    Type  NetworkAddress   AuthenSta  ACF  Username
  0   CON 0                                                   Unspecified
  2   TTY 2                                                   Unspecified
354 VTY 0  01:27:41  TEL    pass       no   Unspecified
355 VTY 1  02:27:46  TEL     pass       no   Unspecified
356 VTY 2  03:19:32  TEL       pass       no   Unspecified
357 VTY 3  01:15:43  TEL     pass       no   Unspecified
358 VTY 4  00:00:00  TEL     pass       no   root
  359 VTY 5                                                   Unspecified
  360 VTY 6                                                   Unspecified
  361 VTY 7                                                   Unspecified
  362 VTY 8                                                   Unspecified
  363 VTY 9                                                   Unspecified
  364 VTY 10                                                  Unspecified
  365 VTY 11                                                  Unspecified
  366 VTY 12                                                  Unspecified
  367 VTY 13                                                  Unspecified
  368 VTY 14                                                  Unspecified


2.         Check whether all the VTY lines are occupied. If all the VTY lines are occupied, force a user off and try again.

3.         For Cause 3: 

1.         Display the privilege level of the user as follows:

[Eudemon]display current-configuration | include root
15:20:27  2011/04/26
 local-user root password simple admin
 local-user root service-type telnet
 local-user root level 1

root is the user name for the VSM to log in to the NE.

level 1 is the privilege level of the user, which is 1 in this example. Logging in to the NE requires privilege 3 or higher.

2.         Escalate the privilege level of the user to level 3.

[Eudemon-aaa]local-user root level 3

4.         If the problem persists, contact Huawei Symantec technical support engineers.

Root Cause

Cause 1: The Telnet or STelnet parameter settings on the VSM and the NEs are not the same.

Cause 2: The number of online users logged in to the NE has reached the upper limit. Therefore, the VSM cannot log in to the NE.

Cause 3: The user is unauthorized to log in to the NE and therefore cannot obtain the current settings of the NE, causing the failure of NE synchronization.