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After rebooting windows 2003 server, command “oscli -a” cannot list array information.

Publication Date:  2012-09-20 Views:  137 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
HyperManager server:
windows2003 server std R2 sp2
HostAgent  V100R002SPC011

Storage device:
S2600 V100R005C02
S5600T V100R001C01SPC013

Connecting mode:
Server network adapter connects two storages by iSCSI. Add command device to two storages separately and map to HyperManager server.

Execute command oscli immediately After rebooting HyperManager server. Error message:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>oscli -a
Error a(0x00220001):Device does not exist.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1.OS device management checks command device condition, and disk device is available.
2. InbandAgent rescans device
    Method one: Execute oscli –s in command prompt to scan device.
      C:\Program Files\HostAgent\InbandAgent\bin>oscli -s
      Scan Disk Successfully!
    Method two: Find InbandAbeng service in windows2003 and reboot it.
3.Execute oscli -a to check array information
C:\Program Files\HostAgent\InbandAgent\bin>oscli -a
ArrayName                                                ArrayID
sxsb_s5600t                                            210235G6EBZ0B9000003
SN_210231G359Z0B8000026            210231G359Z0B8000026

Root Cause
InbandAgent service can execute oscli to scan device at starting. But now the device is not ready when scanning.
For the connection is iSCSI, the devices connect to array after system network startup. So at InbandAgent starting, iSCSI devices are not ready, which leads the array information is unavailable when we execute oscli -a.
After rebooting server, we cannot check array information by oscli -a. But in system device and disk management, command device and disk are available.
At this time, HyperManager server can send command information to array normally and execute snapshot operation. So oscli -s and oscli –a are necessary as configuring HyperManager array device.