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Fail to install the operating system SIG background T8000 blade server

Publication Date:  2012-09-22 Views:  183 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
The USE and E1 tool software is installed at the PS Server, and can manage the T800. The SUSE Linux 10 SP2 OS install source has made and make the distributed install. the OS succeed to install, and three blade server restart by themselves. But the result is that only one server login the system, others not. It stopped when inspect the hardware.

As the picture above ,this system manage the SIG background T8000 server by PC Server,and the 3 blades of the server  deploy  distributed Linux operating system .entering the USM WEB management interface and creating working task, the 3 blades of the server  deploy  distributed Linux operating system and the startup mode of the 3 blades set network startup,the communication network card set BASE1 network card(because it uses the BASE plane network card of T8000 7 number slot’s switch halftone which connects the switch communicate PC Server);there is no problem according to the deploying step and parameter configuration,and one blade has deployed successfully ,so as to the other two blades,it can enter it by root account after restarting
Finishing installing ,three blades start automatically,there is only one blade can enter operating system and enter it ;but the other two blades cannot , t stopped when inspect the hardware.  
Alarm Information
Handling Process
There are two way to deal with.
Method 1:pull out one hard disk and only use one to install operating system.Finish installing ,then mount the other one.
Method 2:double hard disk do RAID.
1、 check the complexion of hard disk by entering BIOS(BIOS->Boot->hard disk drives):
If it displays the picture above ,it expresses only one can install normally;if it dosen’t display this ,it expresses it cannot identify and need set by the underside steps.
2、 Entering RAID view:  
please press ctrl c ,it will display the underside.
3、 RAID operation step:  
input enter key,entering RAID parameter setting: 
explanation:this picture is the cutting chart of RAID installing again successfully,if your new blade need do RAID ,entering first time ,there is no option of View Existing Array.It only has three options of create and show this aim at different number of hard disk,we often do two hard disk ,so we choose option of create IM volume:
explanation :this picture is the cutting chart of View Existing Array option ,the interface of create IM volume is the same with this interface ,but the raid disk option all display NO,driver status option is NA ,it is OK when you change the raid disk option to yes .which hard disk of raid disk option change to yes first,its option of driver status change to primary automatically.Finish creating ,you need choose the option of manage array to enter the next interface:
choosing synchronize array to synchronize the hard disk ,it need long time ,you can do somenthing else.After finishing the synchronize ,it is OK ,you can execute the command of View Existing Array to check the configuration:
OK,then exit and choose save changes and reboot:
It can install system by double hard disk ,but when we use USM network to install ,we should check if the PC which han been installed USM start sygate security agent software ,If it starts we need to turn it off,it can be turned off by using command of smc-stop on the start-running.
Root Cause
By checking the hardware of T8000 three blades,we can find some difference,one blade has one hard disk,the other two have two hard disk .Only the blade which has one hard disk can install and ernter successfully ,the other is failed.It is because when the blade has two hard disk ,it will do RAID. it only can be used by doing RAID 0 or RAID 1 ,or after installing the operating system ,it cannot find which hard disk subatea to leave in,it will lead to fail to install operating system.
Because there are many types of T8000 blades,every  familiar blade has one or two hard disk .The operating system is producing ,but if we meet the new deploying of operating system,producing testing ,lab installing ,in can read this text.