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Can’t hold dual stream meeting

Publication Date:  2012-09-24  |   Views:  294  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  SU1001522602  |   Document ID:  EKB1000015956


Issue Description

Use MCU8620 and terminal 8066(ChinaTelecom version) to hold a dual stream meeting, when the terminal enter the meeting, press the snapshot on the remote control, can’t startup sub stream( the snapshot is gray).
Use VGA output of the computer as sub stream source, and use 2 TV set, the main one connect TV1, sub TV connect Monitor.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

1,Choose the dual stream function and the sub stream set H.263_CIF protocol, after attempting the meeting, the terminal enter the conference, but the sub stream’s TV do not has video, so it is not the problem of the conference setting.
2,Examine the terminal setting, open menu->system->user-defined settings->conference settings->multi-stream mode, change “unable”to “alive”, set the sub stream protocol to “Default”, bandwidth to “384k”.We use VGA as the sub stream source, so open menu->system->user-defined settings->video import settings->sub stream video source to “VGA”, VGA transform state to “contimuum”
3,We want to use sub TV to show the sub stream, so we change it form monitor port to TV2 output, and open menu->system->user-defined settings->video settings->video out, and turn on Video Out1 and Video Out2, turn off Video Out3 and SXGA(the sub stream is shown on the last device default.
4,Press “Ctrl+F8” on the computer, the sub stream is shown on sub TV(output from TV2), there is a tap(represent main stream video) on the top left corner of main TV, 2 taps(represent sub stream video) on the top left corner of sub TV
5,The sub stream do not show conference site’s name, turn off the dual stream of the main stream, the sub stream show the AUX.
6,How pass the image of the sub stream to other users? We can broadcast to the conference sit that have sub stream import(on the terminal open menu->system->user-defined settings->call settings->conference setting->multi-stream mode, change “unable”to “alive”)

Root Cause

1,Version problem: the terminal is B1(don’t have dual stream function), MCU do not support dual stream function(ChinaTelecom version)
2,Wrong settings of the meeting: have not selected dual stream function or the setting is wrong(the main/sub stream can not be high definition, that is to say if the main stream choose H.264_CIF or H.263_CIF the sub stream choose can only choose H,263_4CIF, or the terminal can not process)
3,Terminal set wrong: terminal should startup dual stream function, the setting should be the video and audio protocol


The high definition setting is complex, especially when we use dual stream. We should be familiar with the terminal setting.
When we use dual terminal, we should be careful as the follow point:
1,Sub stream(include VGA and image) is shown on the last video output.
2,Sub stream output only when broadcast conference sites.
3,Sub steam source should be choose right(VGA or camera).
4,The video protocol of the sub stream.
5,Dudge whether sub stream have arrange success by “?” on the remote control.