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2 S9300 service vlan vrrp networking will result in some ports traffic up to hundred percent

Publication Date:  2012-09-26 Views:  71 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
New East Gate s9306 network topology:
Network topology as shown in the figure, the media server service vlan that connected to s9306 is 30, 9306-1 and 9306-2 for service vlan 30 use the vrrp way. after the load of the media server service, 9306 GE port traffic up to 20%, FE port traffic 100%
9306 version: S9300 V100R002C00SPC200
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1. In order to prevent the data stream broadcast in the vlan 30, you need to configure mulitcast drop-unknown to drop unknown multicast packets
vlan 30
  multicast drop-unknown

2. 9306 multicast data forwarding default forwarding according to IP, in order to guarantee 9306-1 users can on-demand 9306-2 data source connection. Configure a multicast data forwarding forwarded by MAC on the 9306-1 and 9306-2 device vlan 30.
vlan 30
l2-multicast forwarding-mode mac

Root Cause
1. 9306-1,9306-2 all open Interface vlanif 30, and establish pim neighbors, due the 9306-2 device interface vlanif 30 address is, and 9306-1 device interface vlanif 30 address is,9306 -2 interface vlanif 30 campaign into user DR
[FZ-JA-DM-HMS-1.MAN.S9306.ITV] dis pim inter Vlanif 30
VPN-Instance: public net
Interface State NbrCnt HelloInt DR-Pri DR-Address
Vlanif30 up 1 30 1
2. When 9306-1 interface vlanif 30 have user on-demand ,9306-2 will turn the data flow through the interface vlanif 30 forwarded to 9306-1.
[FZ-JA-DM-HMS-2.MAN.S9306.ITV] dis multicast routing-table
Multicast routing table of VPN-Instance: public net
Total 112 entries
00001. (,
       Uptime: 2d: 04h
       Upstream Interface: Vlanif212
       List of 4 downstream interfaces
           1: Vlanif206
           2: Vlanif205
           3: Vlanif207
           4: Vlanif30
3. The current 9306-1 has three forwarding table, source is ,group is, inbound vlanif is112.
<FZ-JA-DM-HMS-1.MAN.S9306.ITV> Dis multicast forwarding-table
Multicast Forwarding Table of VPN-Instance: public net
Total 111 entries, 111 matched
00001. (,
     MID: 62, Flags: 0x0: 0
     Uptime: 2d: 01h, Timeout in: 00:03:21
     Incoming interface: Vlanif112
     List of 8 outgoing interfaces:
       1: Vlanif108
       2: Vlanif100
       3: Vlanif111
       4: Vlanif103
       5: Vlanif104
       6: Vlanif102
       7: Vlanif101
       8: Vlanif110
     Matched 14896295 packets (19359692636 bytes), Wrong If 1 packets
     Forwarded 14896294 packets (19359691456 bytes)
Forwarding data streams S, G from vlanif 30 is same with the layer 3 forwarding table, inbound vlanif is 30. So the data stream can not hit the forwarding entries, 9306 these data streams that missed hit will be broadcast in vlanif 30. Vlan 30 port data stream abnormity, some ports reach 100%.