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8036 terminal cannot join in conference connected with 4E1 board card

Publication Date:  2012-09-27  |   Views:  184  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  马成龙  |   Document ID:  EKB1000016380


Issue Description

A Mobile customer site device contain: 1 8660MCU, 1 8630MCU, 2 MCU contentions. There is an 8036 terminal, join conference through E1 under 8630MCU. After transformation, 8036 should connect to 8660MCU. But there is no E1 resource under 8660MCU, 8036 terminal can only join in conference through 4E1. But this 8036 terminal cannot join in conference.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

1. Check connection line in terminal, display status id synchronizing, CRC value is 0, the connection line is normal, and eliminate network cause.
2. Check 4E1 configuration information in 8660MCU.
Slot 1:
  CAS/CCS verify              : CCS
  CRC enable                  : enable
  4E1 line mode               : Long
  E1T1 mode                   : E1
  IP version                  : ipv4
  base ip addr{length:24}     :

The address is correct, and no IP address collision problem exists.
3. Log on to terminal through web, select auxiliary IP used for 4E1, check signaling method CCS in E1/T1 configuration and sensitivity long-line mode, there is no error, eliminate terminal configuration cause.
4. Check 8036 terminal edition information VCGV600R481C02B01D012SP06 (Release 8.12.6 2010.07.30) belonging to train 12 edition, this edition support 4E1 board card. Eliminate edition cause.
All possibility is eliminated, but terminal cannot join in conference, upgrade problem to researcher:
This 8036 terminal is shipped before 2008 and 2009, and the transit card between E1 board card and main board is older edition. This transit card can only connect E1 board, and 4E1 bridge card is not supported. Before R480 E1 terminal modified into 4E1 terminal, make sure if transit card is needed instead of just replace 4E1 daughter board.
Customer problem is urgent, service need to resume quickly. It spends more time to modify transit card. So persuade customer connect 8036 terminal to 8630MCU through E1. Problem is solved.

Root Cause

1. Network failure, check the downward connection status, to check if it is synchronized and check CRC check value.
2. Configuration failure on MCU side, check 4E1 configuration on MCU and internal IP address collision.
3. Configuration failure on terminal side, check downward terminal 4E1 configuration. Check if auxiliary IP for 4E1 is selected, check time mode, signaling mode.
4. Edition problem, 8036 terminal support for 4E1 board card after specific edition.


Consider edition compatibility and hardware compatibility when 8000 terminal connect 4E1 conference. Main board of products shipped earlier do not support 4E1 board card.