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FAPU board port malfunction causing terminal can’t receive video code flow

Publication Date:  2012-09-28 Views:  224 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Networking: 18E1 Plus terminals + 95 ADSL connected OpenEye terminals, confirm 4 VP8620 cascade by service area. The malfunction terminal is on Main MCU.
Version: National Train 3
Phenomenon: Lately, Linyou County (NO.91710000307)can’t receive far side image, when Shanxi tobacco convened national conference, through examining, fire wall is closed and Openeye can join the conference normally, and receive audio code flow, that is we can hear the sound, but video code flow receiving is zero, try other number, result is normal.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

Check system, find out that convene the conference with this user, audio and video code flow receiving is normal. The malfunction emerges only having the national tobacco conference. Find out that FEC value of this user’s terminal is zero. Because user use other number normally, so we confirm Openeye has no problem, and user’PC or network environment don’t have problem nether.

Doubt the malfunction is on MIPU connected by this terminal. So find the MIPU board connected to this terminal to test. No matter 4 or 2 terminals, E1 ports are all normal. Eliminate the MIPU function. Because users use ScheduleWeb to convene conference, so delete this terminal’s number in user’ conference template, then join the conference again, and convene the meeting, malfunction disappeared. To confirm whether there are other terminals have the same problem, call each terminal in RMCC in turn. Find out that another terminal emerges the same problem. Because MIPU boards have tested while installing, so we judge ME16 board has problem or the trunk line between ME16 and MIPU, or back driver board or plug start causing the malfunction.

After apply for ME16 board, we go to clients’ scene to judge the problem. Operate the conference to locate malfunction terminal’s number (91410000005), then hung up and call for several times. Find out this terminal connects different boards. IP addresses are These five boards connect to two ME16 boards, the problem shouldn’t be on ME16 or MIPU, but to make sure, we test all MIPU boards, no matter connect four or three terminals, the tests are normal. Eliminate the MIPU board malfunction or MIPU board port setting error. Delete and add the number in user’s conference template, after convening conference, the malfunction disappeared

Connect R&D to test, outer loop the malfunction terminal, it can receive local image normally, but image stops when cancel the outer loop, image that broadcast to other terminals can’t be normally received. Open FAPU setter to confirm the port of first FAPU has malfunction, causing this problem. Because the system resource assign changes when conference template changes, and cause terminal number changes, but no matter how the number changes, the malfunction still be on the terminals port. Delete and add this user’s number from conference’s template, and convene conference, confirm the number of port do change- the terminal connected from port 10. Change the import board, the port number changed, but operates the conference again, the malfunction will emerge again.

Root Cause

1. Terminal is malfunction.
2. MIPU board is malfunction.
3. ME16 board is malfunction.
4. Trunk line between ME16 board and MIPU board is malfunction.
5. FAPU board is malfunction.


We need to know more about resources assign strategy  in order to fix the problem like this.