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How to configure HP VA7110 and make it support VIS6000

Publication Date:  2012-10-09  |   Views:  268  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  SU1001573735  |   Document ID:  EKB1000016803


Issue Description

The VA7100 is connected with VIS6000 by switch. Scanning in VIS, the VA7110 disk cannot be identified correctly. The number of disk is not correct and the size is 0.
VIS CLI:root>vxdisklist
This command may take a long time. Please wait...
sda auto - - error 73.41 GB /dev/sda (E,-)
sdb auto - - error 73.41 GB /dev/sdb (E,-)
sdc auto:simple sdc dg001 online shared 128.97 GB /dev/sdd (E,S) /dev/sdc (E,P)
sde auto:simple sde dg001 online shared 19.33 GB /dev/sdf (E,S) /dev/sde (E,P)
sdm auto - - error 0.00 GB /dev/sdm (E,-)
sdr auto - - error 0.00 GB /dev/sdr (E,-)
sdv auto - - error 0.00 GB /dev/sdv (E,-)

Check it with scsi command in debug and we can find the garble.
VIS_7796_0:/OSM/ISM/CLI # lsscsi
[2:0:0:0] disk SEAGATE ST973402SS S229 /dev/sda
[2:0:1:0] disk SEAGATE ST973402SS S229 /dev/sdb
[3:0:0:0] disk HUAWEI S2600 1 /dev/sdc
[3:0:0:1] disk HUAWEI S2600 1 /dev/sde
[6:0:1:1] disk 0钔? /dev/sdg
[6:0:1:2] disk p逋? /dev/sdh
[6:0:1:3] disk 愬庭 /dev/sdi
[6:0:1:4] disk 徐庭 荄? /dev/sdj
[6:0:1:5] disk d-linux- /dev/sdk
[6:0:1:6] disk €?? /dev/sdl
[6:0:1:7] disk 扒盂 €蚭? /dev/sdm
[6:0:1:8] disk ?扪 €癐 /dev/sdn
[6:0:1:31] disk ?扪 ?? /dev/sdo
[6:0:2:0] storage HP A5277A HP12 -
[6:0:2:1] disk d-linux- 圠鬃 /dev/sdp
[6:0:2:2] disk 恟U? 圜? /dev/sdq
[6:0:2:3] disk 0}U? /dev/sdr
[6:0:2:4] disk 餽U? /dev/sds
[6:0:2:5] disk 恾U? /dev/sdt
[6:0:2:6] disk 衦U? /dev/sdu
[6:0:2:7] disk 癲寒 €纄? /dev/sdv
[6:0:2:8] disk /lib /dev/sdw
[6:0:2:31] disk .2 € /dev/sdx
[7:0:0:0] disk HUAWEI S2600 1 /dev/sdd
[7:0:0:1] disk HUAWEI S2600 1 /dev/sdf

Alarm Information


Handling Process

1. Logon the HPUX which establishes HP StorageWorks Command View SDM as Administrator.
2. Obtain the WWN which is connected with VA7100 FC port in VIS.
3. Check VA7110 current host port behavior table HPBset.txt, and we can know the directory of HPBset.txt.
4. Edit HPBset.txt file by VI and add the relationship between VIS port WWN and Linux. The format is shown below:
<node_WWN> <host_port_behavior>
For example:
200a6b34b7894284 Linux
20a60088g132ca32 Linux
5. Save HPBset.txt file.
6. Apply this new host port behavior table.
7. Rescanning the disk and we can find them normally.

Root Cause

By default HP VA7100 supports HPUX. If making it support VIS6000, we should modify host port behavior table in VA7110.