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Data set is too big cause NETS SAS module show off

Publication Date:  2012-10-10 Views:  158 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

In the "area and equipment management" > "SAS equipment management", sharing access module show off.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

To modify the configuration files.
Press the "I", can edit the configuration files.
Modify the last two lines of digital to the actual data of monitoring network. The best is reserving proper upgrade space for the future extend capability, set the digital to 2 times or so of the true data.

Root Cause

Because the SAS is software module, if it shows SAS disconnected, the possible reasons are:
1 NETS servers and WEB server communication problems, if it is not distributed installation, it will not exist the problem.
2 NETS module installed errors. When installing, IP address settings error, the maximum users and the biggest online users set too high, input error when the page add SAS device ID.
3 NETS module fails to start, or closed abnormally.

1. Login background server to check, use “ps aux | grep sas” check process.
SIG’s each module has two process, as father and son process. If there is no nets process or processes number is not two, will lead to page nets module can’t be registered.
If there is no NETS process, it is the NETS process hasn’t been built up. If it is the first time to install, and other business process can start, then can try to start the process manually. Order is as follows:
  /etc/init.d/sas –nets restart
2. If so NETS process can't start, then can view SIG of log.
Enter/var/log directory, input command tail nets - log. 0 check log, are shown in the following information: 2008-12-18 21:48:39 info: read nets mode ok, mode=1 2008-12-18 21:48:39 uerr: memory initial erro 2008-12-18 21:48:39 uerr: Init SYS PARAM Erro:10 2008-12-18 21:49:39 info: calc user number ok_limit:400000,,alarm_limit:450000,,danger_limit:494999 显示内存初始化错误。日志提示Display memory initialization error. Log hint the maximum number of users of this server is a maximum of 400000, there is risk if over it. For each user the SIG will allocate a memory, if number of users is too big, it may be over the server's ability. Preliminary estimation is the online subscribers and maximum users are set too high when installs NETS SAS, resulting in memory allocation more than server capacity and unable to start business.
3. Check the settings of users number, enter/usr/local/SIG/SAS directory, “vi nets. Conf.” shows the information as follows:
SRS_PORT = 5009 USER_FUNC = 7 SAS_ID = 654321 WORK_MODE = 1 SAS_IP = SRS_IP = NETS_USER_NUM = 500000 USER_NUM = 500000 最后两行,The last two lines, the settings of the biggest online subscribers and maximum users are 500000, which is over the server capacity.


Question is very common, usually cause is the install engineers is not familiar with the SIG installation process, many engineers in installation to this step is not according to the condition of the now network, but directly fill in the prompted maximum values. Cause memory allocation over the server’s ability, cause NETS business can't start. When install the NETS SAS, it will prompt the maximum online subscribers and total subscribers, must fill in according to the actual value.