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To solve the problem that USG2200 through changing the configuration file mode recovery password recover

Publication Date:  2019-07-17 Views:  208 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

A customer because of forgot the USG2200 firewall password, cannot log in equipment to do management and configuration. According to common recovery method, USG2200 series firewall is through deleted the configuration files way to to restore the password, but the customer does not want to delete configuration, so only can through other ways to restore the password.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

First use a special configuration line connect firewall equipment, open super terminal, set parameter.
Restart firewall equipment after the setting. After the restart, guarantee in super terminal page can show firewall start information, then can begin to restore the password.
When start the Ctrl B, knock Ctrl B on the keyboard immediately. Then press Ctrl c switch to the hide mode
In the hidden menu input "Rename File" corresponding serial number, renaming the configuration files the equipment is using.
Press Ctrl B to Enter Boot Menu...
Password: *********
| <1> Boot With Default Mode                                |
| <2> Boot From Flash                                       |
| <3> Enter Ethernet SubMenu                                |
| <4> Change Flash Boot File                                |
| <5> Modify Bootrom Password                               |
| <0> Reboot                                                |
Enter your choice(0-5):
Hidden Menu...
| <1> Format  Flash                                         |
| <2> Delete  File From Flash                               |
| <3> Display Flash Files                                   |
| <4> Rename  FileName                                      |
| <5> Update  Bootrom                                       |
| <0> Exit To Main Menu                                     |
Enter your choice(0-5): 4

Please input the file name you want to
Please input the target file
Input "Exit" corresponding serial number, return to BootROM main menu system.
Input "Reboot" corresponding serial number, restart your system.
Due to can’t find the start of the configuration file need to be used, the system will start with the factory default configuration. Login system with the system default user name and password (admin/admin @ 123).
After landing successful check equipment current configuration about Console password the configuration, record this period of information to the local notepad.
display current-configuration | include admin password
local-user admin password cipher ]MQ;4\]B 4ZY!U6L"B8W^Q!!

Through changing the configuration file way modify Console port’s password, and then to use the original configuration file boot device.
Using the FTP download the configuration files which have been renamed in hidden menu to the local, open it with notebook, find the position of settings cconsole password (*.zip need to release before the open).
If is set up ciphertext form (cipher), change the password to "]MQ;4\]B 4Z,YWX*NZ55OA!!" It’s also the XXX. And then save the configuration file.
First of all check if has the following information, modify the corresponding code.
authentication-mode local user admin password cipher ]MQ;4\]B 4ZY!U6L"B8W^Q!!
If there is no the above information, then modify the password corresponding with the following information.
local-user admin password cipher ]MQ;4\]B 4ZY!U6L"B8W^Q!!
If set is proclaimed mode(simple), direct can see the original password.
Rename the configuration file to "" (*. Zip is compressed name).
Using the FTP upload the modified configuration files to equipment.
Under the user view perform the command “delete”, delete the configuration files have been renamed on equipment.
Delete flash:/[Y/N]:y                                             
%Deleting file flash:/!
Executive the command “reboot”, restart the equipment, login with the new password after starting.
At this time the startup configuration file has been restored to the configuration files before do password recovery operation, only modified the password.
So can through changing the configuration file way to restore the password, and don't have to delete the configuration file.
The "] MQ; 4 \] B 4 z, YWX * NZ55OA!!" Is the default password Admin @ 123 corresponding ciphertext form.

Root Cause

View according to the parameters of the firewall Ctrl B, can through changing the configuration file way to restore the password.