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The third party DLL leads the network management process cannot start

Publication Date:  2012-10-17 Views:  68 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Network element manager cannot start after installing network management.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Step 1 Keep zlib.dll system file(such as:”C:\WINDOWS\system32\zlib.dll”)backup. For example , we can copy it and rename zlib_bak.dll.
Note :
We can input“%WINDIR%\system32”at address bar to enter content which the system file is in.
Step 2  Make zlib.dll under the VSM installation content“vsm\server\3rdTools\lib” cover with the same name system file under content“%WINDIR%\system32”, it will get right after restarting computer
Root Cause
Localization mentality
1. we can find the network element manager correlation log hasn’t be produced in the log files after analysing log.
2. Check the installation log, we can find the installation log is normal, so there is no problem of failing to refresh library.
3. Use the method of starting public process manually to validate th problem. Execute the following command:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator> set path=%imap%/../lib;%imap%/../dll;%imap%/../cbb/trans/lib;%imap%/../cbb/qasn/lib;
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator> cd /d %IMAP%
X:\vsm\server\conf> ..\common\trans_core\bin\Eml_PubSvr.exe
Find the following error message:

4. The collision of  zlib.dll , add the following variable to path environment variable:
we can find the dll which it loads isn’t network menegement default content(server\3rdTools\lib) after checking the dll of Eml_PubSvr.exe loading
We can use depends.exe tool(Microsoft Visual Studio bring it itself) or other tool to view DLL of Eml_PubSvr.exe process loading.
We also can execute the following command to view the process which has transferred zlib.dll module file.
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator> tasklist /m zlib.dll