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Before repowering the wrong position of safe disk lead that some RAID groups are disabled

Publication Date:  2012-10-18 Views:  87 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
On some site, because of moving devices, a S2300E is powered off and powered on. The controller is normal, the logical state of 4 safe disks are fault, RAID0 is fault,RAID1 is normal.
Alarm Information
Login in the main controller. There are prints as follow by checking logs.
(log position:\backup_info\OSM\log_conf_local\log\his_debug\his_tar_20110826041931)
5739 Aug 26 03:26:28 OceanStor kernel: [132619]Raid Add Same Position Disk[0], NewWWn[00000000493cf3a9], OldWWn[00000000eadf1411]
5757 Aug 26 03:26:28 OceanStor kernel: [132766]Raid Add Same Position Disk[1], NewWWn[00000000c9e0b953], OldWWn[00000000493cf3a9]
5842 Aug 26 03:26:28 OceanStor kernel: [132976]Raid Add Same Position Disk[2], NewWWn[000000008591ac4b], OldWWn[00000000c9e0b953]
5887 Aug 26 03:26:28 OceanStor kernel: [133161]Raid Add Same Position Disk[3], NewWWn[00000000eadf1411], OldWWn[000000008591ac4b]
Handling Process
Adjust the safe disks to the foretime slots on power state, the project is as follow:
WWN:00000000493cf3a9 (0,0)disk==》(0,1)slot
WWN:00000000c9e0b953 (0,1)disk==》(0,2)slot
WWN:000000008591ac4b (0,2)disk==》(0,3)slot
WWN:00000000eadf1411 (0,3)disk==》(0,0)slot
Then enter MML mode of the array and revive the fault RAID group and lun. Check the operation data.
Root Cause
By analyzing the log, on August 26th, 3:26 when the array is powering on, it found the WWN of some disks are not matched to the WWN recorded in the file.
So we judge the position of the four safe disks are modified. And they are modified in (0,0)~(0,3). DB configuration data of our array is stored in the reserved area of the four safe disks. So if the safe disks are in (0,0)~(0,3), it will not influence the power and the configuration even the slots are changed. But the RAID group of the safe disks are in fault state.
  Don’t move the safe disk after powering off.