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Eudemon1000 BGP improts OSPF route by error,it leads it cannot learn the OSPF external route

Publication Date:  2012-10-19 Views:  80 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
There is a static route which the loopback address is and the destination address is Router A on the RouterB, import this static route to OSPF on the RouterB and run the OSPF route protocol between RouterB and E1000, run EBGP protocol between E1000 and RouterC, the network wants to make RouterC ping pass which is on the RouterA for objective. Use the following configuration, we find it cannot ping pass.
The BGP import route configuration of E1000 as follows:
bgp 1500                                                                     
import-route ospf 1 
import-route direct
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Add the following command in the BGP view of E1000:
bgp 1500
import-route ospf ase 1
the route can be ingested normally, and the problem has been solved.
Root Cause
Cause analysis:
1、 View the route which is send to on the RouterC, there is no route of this address in the routing table.
2、 View the OSPF-ASE route which is send to on the E1000, there is no this route.
3、 View the BGP route which is send to of the BGP routing table on the E1000, we can find it cannot be learded. So the problem is that the OSPF external route(ospf-ase) doesn’t be import to BGP route correctly.
4、 View the E1000 configuration, we can fing we have configured to import OSPF route in the BGP configuration of E1000:”import-route ospf 1”
We  can find the configuration of E300/500/1000 series product which imports OSPF route in the BGP is different with common Router configuration from the operation guide. For the Router, if we want to import OSPF route in the BGP ,we only need use the command in the BGP view:”import-route ospf+ process number”, it can make all the Router its own OSPF route and OSPF extenal route(OSPF-ASE) import to BGP.
But for the firewall, we use the command of “import-route ospf+process number” to only import OSPF in the BGP view, if we want to import OSPF external route(OSPF-ASE),we need use the command of “import-route ospf-ase+process number” to import OSPF external route(OSPF-ASE) to BGP.
The configuration of E300/500/1000 product which imports OSPF route is special,it need use the different command lines to achieve to import OSPF and OSPF external route,, it is different with the common route configuration, if we want to ingest OSPF internal route and OSPF external route ,we need pay attention to the configuration information.