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In network management system, fail to create cluster manually.

Publication Date:  2012-10-29 Views:  69 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
In network management system, fail to create cluster manually.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
 management vlan id : 1(default vlan)
cluster multicast mac : 0180-c200-000a(default)
cluster autojoin : disabled
Handshake timer:50 sec
Handshake hold-time:60 sec
Administrator device mac address:00e0-fc91-222e
Administrator status:Down

In the above content, Role: Member explains that the device is already the HGMP V2 cluster member SW, and do not allow to create HGMP V2 cluster.
Step 1. Ensure that device is not in cluster status.
Use the same command as step 1 to check cluster status, in the show content, if appear Role: Administrator, explains that this device has been in the cluster status, but there is no this cluster on network management system.
In network management physical view, select this command SW and right-click, select "refresh status", network management system will automatically create the corresponding cluster

Step 2. Ensure management VLAN that have already created cluster.
1. Telnet to the device.
2. Check whether management VLAN exist, execute the following order:
   Execute command system - view.
3. Execute command display vlan.
4. According to the following echo and actual situation to check whether exist the management VLAN.
VLAN ID   Type            Status          MAC Learning
1         common          enable          enable
2         common          enable          enable
3         common          enable          enable
10        common          enable          enable
5. Optional: if management VLAN does not exist, please according to the following steps to create management VLAN.
(1). Execute command vlanvlan - id, create VLAN and enter VLAN view.
By default, the SW NE management VLAN is VLAN 1.
If don't need to change the default VLAN management, then don't need execute step 3 and step 4. The vlan-id of steps b is "1".
If need to change the VLAN Number of management VLAN, then the VLAN - id of step 2 and step 4 must be the same.
6. Execute command quit, exit VLAN view.
7. Execute command cluster, enter the cluster view.
8. Execute command mng vlanid vlan - id, configure and manage VLAN.
- end
Root Cause
Device is member SW.
Device is in cluster status.
Don't create management VLAN.