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The guiding case of database backup failure

Publication Date:  2012-11-02 Views:  95 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Database backup failure.
Such as network management client backup database failure.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
A. MSuite process did not start normally.
Start or restart MSuite process.
1. Stop MSuite process first: C:\HWENGR\engineering\stopserver.bat
2. Start MSuite process: C:\HWENGR\engineering\startserver.bat
B. MSuite client has started. In network management server start MSuite client, it is must failure that backup database in network management.
1. The server on exit MSuite client.
2. In the network client do timing backup or manually backup, to ensure the network management maintenance tool client without any user login.
? If backup in the network client, check whether have users login network maintenance tool first. To ensure the maintenance tool client do not any user login.
? If start database backup tool to backup the database in the maintenance tool, first to check whether the network management client has started timing task backup database or manually backup database this moment. After ensure the timing task backup database or manually backup database operation is completed, then use the maintenance tool to backup database.
More than 30% reason of the backup failure is because of MSuite client has opened.
C. Memory or disk space is not enough.
The available Server memory is too small (less than 500M) or lack of disk space will also lead to backup failure.
Solution: can stop some memory service or software. If it can not reach the requirement, can restart the Server.
D. if confirmed MSuite process is already started, please directly use backup tool to try whether can backup database.
1. Start "C: \ HWENGR \" in the installation path, and input the username password (default is admin/admin).
2. Click “backup network management data ", check whether can succeed backup.
3. If use the MSuite backup tool can succeed to backup, and network management timing backup failure, can execute manual backup in network management.
(1). Close MSuite client.
(2). Select "system > backup/restore network management data > backup database" in the client the main menu.
(3). Set the server backup path, click "backup". Network management start backup database, and the dialog box display the operation schedule.
4. Suggest to restart MSuite process.
After restart, then use the network management foreground to backup, theoretically in this way can solve all the basic problems.
At present the backup failure 80% is because of the former three reasons.
Root Cause
If needs to position the backup failure, please provide the following log:
A   cross-domain log:
1       Foreground:client\tracefile
2       Background:server\log\UniteUitlDM
3       The configuration file:server\common\unitedmgr\conf\dbbak_init.cfg
B   platform log:
1. {WorkDir}\logs\*,
    if the log folder is very big we can collect the below files
     i) {WorkDir}\logs\logsServer\bundlelog\bundlelog\*.log
     ii) {WorkDir}\logs\logsClient\bundlelog\bundlelog\*.log
WorkDir is project directory,NMSDir is network management directory