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FAQ-web page displays SPS disconnected

Publication Date:  2012-11-02 Views:  99 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

How to deal with when web page displays SPS off?

Alarm Information


Handling Process

In the SIG web management interface found the sps status is disconnection, can according to the following steps treatment:
1. Login SPS and use the command: showspsconf, confirm whether the IP address and port number of SRS are set correctly. If wrong, use “srsset” set the IP address and port number of SRS (command reference site deployment instructions).
2. Use command ping confirm whether the network connection is normal or not. Methods:
In the SPS command: ping "SRS IP address", view whether has received packets (Ctrl+C exit command).
3. In SPS use “showoma” check equipment state:
Packet Send 32 - - - - - to see whether it growths
UcState = 0 x04 - - - - - normal condition is 0 x01, here is 0x04, equipment anomaly
4. In web page not added SPS equipment information or license number add error
In SPS using licshow check license:
The License ID is 25756496 ( 0x1890350 )value = 25756496 = 0x1890350
In web page view whether the corresponding SPS equipment information is consistent
5. Confirm SPS and SRS server version is consistent.
In viewing of the SPS:
In the SRS server check version:
linux:/usr/local/SIG/SRS # ./srs  -v
SRS version:V1.2.2.3D
6. In server whether the SRS is installed or in normal operation. Login SRS host server, run the following orders, In the output result, SRS process should have two lines, for example:
  linux:~ # ps -ef|grep srs
  root     19684     1  0 Jan30 ?       00:00:00 /usr/local/SIG/SRS/srs
  root     19726 19684  0 Jan30 ?        00:00:00 /usr/local/SIG/SRS/srs
 If there is no SRS process, namely it hasn’t installed SRS or SRS installed but the process does not run. At this time, operating the following commands, to determine whether installed the SRS:
  linux:/usr/local/SIG # cd /usr/local/SIG/SRS/
  linux:/usr/local/SIG/SRS # ll
  -rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 537077 2008-02-02 02:07 srs      //installed SRS
  If didn’t install, reinstall it. If has installed, use the following command to start SRS process.
  /etc/init.d/srs start
 Then use “# ps -ef|grep srs” to check whether the process is in operation.
If the steps (1) to (6) all can’t resolve the problem, please restart srs process.
  /etc/init.d/srs start
 Then check whether the srs log prompts error.
7, view srs log:
  linux:/var/log # tail -f srs-log.idx
  linux:/var/log # tail -f srs-log.2

Root Cause