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S5600T kicks off unsuccessfully and repots: master mount BootData VAULT failed

Publication Date:  2012-11-02 Views:  76 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
There was a disk enclosure which set to the S5600T on the customer’s site, when the disk enclosure was powered on for 30 minutes, the front status indicator was still in the green flicker status, and the indictor of the back cascading FC port was red, the device can’t login normally.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1. Check whether the cascading cable was connected incorrectly.
Because the disks and the controllers of the S5600T are separated, when cascading the disk enclosures, we must cascading the first disk enclosure through exp0 ports of the two controllers, then the device can confirm the location of the coffer disk and kick off normally. Check the cascading mode on site and we find it’s correct, so exclude this probability.
2. Check the fiber and the optical module
Substitute the former fiber with a new one and find the problem still exists, so exclude the cause is the fiber. Check the optical module, and we find the using one on the service ejector clips is a 8G self-adjustable rate optical module, but the optical module used for cascading must be 4G fixed rate, we replaced it on site, and the problem was resolved.
Root Cause
Use the SSH to connect the device. The username: admin; password: Admin@storage. When reported it’s fail to login, immediately enter the composite keys “shift+9”, and enter the device’s DEBUG mode, and enter: mml, then execute the command “sys status” and “dev status” to check the device status and the cause of the failure of the kicking off. The device reported the following message:
MML>sys status
Double Or Single : [ double ]
Master Or Slave : [ master ]
Local Controller Status : [ normal ]
Peer Controller Status : [ offline ]
System Running Status : [ power on ]
System error reason : [ master mount BootData VAULT failed ]
MML>dev state
dev cmd analyze , input [num, string]: 1, state
dev current status : [5, normal]
fail reason: phase[5, normal], failreason[1, a0f7c94c, dev power on success]
From the “System error reason: [ master mount BootData VAULT failed ]” we concluded that the device couldn’t find the coffer’s disk, and caused the DB information can’t be wrote normally.
From the “dev power on success”, we can conclude that the device kicked off successfully, and the hardware was well.
Combined the fact that the indictor of the back cascading FC port was red, we can concluded it’s the cascading which caused the kicking off failed.
The optical modules on the controller enclosure of the S5600T are always 8G rate, it can’t be used for cascading, only the 4G ones can do this, when kicking off on sinte,engineers must pay attention to the choice of the optical modules.