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FAQ-How to deal with the degrading problem of CSS SSD Raid group

Publication Date:  2012-11-02 Views:  139 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
There was alarm about degrading of the RAID group, and the fault indicator of the SSD hard disk element was on (red).
Alarm Information
The red indicator was on all the time.
Handling Process
Step 1. View the online disk’s information:
Execute the “” command to find out the device ID corresponding to the slot number of the broken-down hard disk.
./MegaCli64 -PDList –aALL
Read the logs through the newest “smartctl” tool, notice that substitute the “i” into the “Device Id”.
smartctl -a -d megaraid,$i /dev/sda > smart.log
Step 2. Replace the broken-down SSD disk, and make the newest plugged in SSD as the new hot backup disk.
Step 3. After having replaced the disk, make the new SSD as the new hot backup disk:
Execute the script order:
According to the prompt, enter the Slot ID, if creating successfully, it will display:
Creating Hotspase succeeded!
Check the outcome of the creating the hot backup disk, execute the command:
./MegaCli64 -ldinfo -l0,1 -a0
Look at the showing area corresponding to the replaced disk, if it was as following, it indicated we resolved the problem successfully:
Access Policy: Read/Write
Disk Cache Policy: Disabled
Encryption Type: None
Number of Dedicated Hot Spares: 1
        0 : EnclId - 10 SlotId - 3
Exit Code: 0x00

1. The “” is a script used to create a hot backup disk and provides for development;
2. The “smartctl” is a tool of the SUSE10Sp2 Operating System’s own
3. The “MegaCli64” command tool is a standard tool the LST Raid provided for, and is installed by fault as the T3000 node of the MDS, the installation path is: /opt/MegaRAID.

Root Cause
There are faults in on the SSD hard disk elements. (SSD or patch panel)