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S5600T connected to the host port of the DELL blade switch but hadn’t modified the SWITCH mode, and caused a problem

Publication Date:  2012-11-05 Views:  54 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Device version: S5600T V100R002C00SPC004
esx version: esx 4.1i
The customer’s topological networking figure is as follow: The DELL blade configured a fiber channel switch board, the two controllers of the S5600T connect the DELL fiber channel switch board respectively, and there has been installed the esx 4.1i on the DELL blade, through the S5600T, map the disk area to the esx host, and in the esx host we can scan the LUN distributed by the S5600T, we can create VMFS file system; whoever, when the customer uploading the ISO file and creating the virtual machine on the datastore where we create this file system, there appeared the discontinuity phenomena, the customer scanned the disk storage on the “vsphere client” interface and found that the disk distributed by the S5600T is un-active.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1. Check if there is bit error on the ISM interface of the storage, and exclude the probability of the fiber channel jumper and switch have problem.
2. Confirm the mode of the host port of the DELL switch board on back connecting port of the S5600T is the “arbitrated loop” mode, and change it as the “switch” mode.
3.Scan the storage on the configuration interface of the “Vsphere client” again, then we find the storage, and upload the ISO file and create the virtual machine, there isn’t any discontinuity phenomena, so the problem has been solved.
Root Cause
1. The customers used the fiber channel jumper bought by their own, there might be quality problem that leaded to the bit errors and caused to the storage discontinuity.
2. Fault of fiber channel switch module.
3. The port of the storage host uses the “arbitrated loop” mode by default, on the condition that it connected at the fiber channel switch, we suggest use the “switch” mode, if you have chosen the Brocade fiber channel switch, the corresponding mode must be “switch”, because the Brocade fiber channel switch can’t support the “arbitrated loop” protocol.
If the port of the storage doesn’t directly connect the host, on the condition that it was connecting to the fiber channel switch, the mode of the host port must be modified as to “switch” mode.