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The one-port cascading problem of the Brocade switch

Publication Date:  2012-11-05 Views:  71 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
As the following picture displayed, it’s a typical group network which is composed with E6000, Brocade switch and array. Because the FC switch board of the E6000 C1 is also a Brocade switch, then there are two Brocade switches to cascade. The request is that to let the LUN of the S5500T can map to the E6000 shot1 server. When distributing zones in the Switch1, let the 0, 1, 4 compose the zone1, but the shot1 server can’t find the S5500T WWN number.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Execute the global zone configuration in the command line of the Brocade switch:
Zonedelete “zone1”  //delete the zone1, make the 0 cascading port is contained at none of the zones.
zonecreate "S5500T_A_E6000_Slot1","23,1;23,4;21,4" // divide zones across-switches, where 23 is the domain ID of the Brocade switch Switch1 , and 21 is the domain ID of the E6000 switch board C1.
cfgcreate “conf1”,”S5500T_A_E6000”  //create the configuration file.
cfgenable conf1  // make the configuration file effective.
After having completed the above configuration, the slot1 server can find the two WWN numbers of the S5500T automatically, and the LUN maps successfully.
Root Cause
Because it refers two Brocade switches to cascade, the 0 port of C1 and the 0 port of the Switch1 are E cascading port, when configuring the cascading port, we need to combine the two switches to execute a global configuration, look them as one logical switch, and the E cascading port can’t be distributed into any of the zone.
When execute the cascading configuration of the Brocade switches, we should apply the corresponding license, after leading-in the license, the status of the two switches’ cascading port are E automatically, which denotes it’s a cascading port. Through this global zone configuration, we can simplify the zone’s dividing and maintaining, because the cascading port needn’t to be distributed into any of the zones, and we can complete the global configuration on any FC switch.