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The administer of the N8000 AD domain can’t modify the file’s rights

Publication Date:  2012-11-06 Views:  41 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
During the process of using the N8300 V1OOR002, the domain administer configured the domain user’s rights successfully for the first time, then he/she needed to add some new users and modified the corresponding rights. Then, while confirming the modification operations, there ejected a dialog box, which noticed the operating failed, and the parameters were not correct.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Method one:
1. Open the file’s attributes and enter into the security configuration, check whether there are “Creator Owner” and “Creator Group” users.
2. Delete the two users, and add the new users and the corresponding rights, click the “apply”, save the modification.
3. Then we can modify the rights successfully, but check the attributes again we’ll find the deleted users still exist, we can ignore them, the following modification refers to the above two steps.
Method two:
Once the method one can’t settle the problem of the rights completely, we suggest that set the rights as the “” mode, this mode may cause some influence on the performance because of the structure of the customer’s file, so query the corresponding professors before you use the following command:
1. Login in the CLI of the master node via the “support” user;
2. Execute the “cifs share modify” share name “owner=root,group=root,fs_mode=1777,rw,noguest,full_acl,oplocks”, set the corresponding file system’s share configuration as “full_acl” mode.
3. Execute “cifs share show” command to check the outcome, run the step 2 again, and do the same operation for the other file system.
Root Cause
Because the N8000 has equipped the Linux system in the low-layer, when providing the windows user with CIFS sharing via the “samba” protocol, it needs to adapt to the protocol of the Windows’s own. After the first configuration of the domain user’s rights, there will add two users “Creator Owner” and “Creator Group” by default, this two users may causes the administer can’t modify the file’s attributes.