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A case about using the ISM to find the N8500 failed

Publication Date:  2012-11-08 Views:  177 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Use the ISM to find the N8500 whose version is V100R002C00SPC004B017, while the process has completed 95% there appearing the prompt “the objective module of the network management information can’t be reached”.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

1. Cancel the VLAN of blade on the N8000

2. Check the port corresponding with the SM board

3. Divide the SM board and the blade on the N8000 into the same VLAN

4. Configure each nodes of the cluster with a network management IP “172.8.8.X” and the IP must be configured at the priveth0. In order to ensure the IP won’t lose after restarting the cluster, you’d better write the IP into the configuration file, or through the “yast” configuration. Then we take the “yast” configuration as an example.

5. Choose the “Traditional Method with ifup” and then select the “Next” at the right below

6. Use the “Tab” key to select and configure the IP at a certain network card, you can also add IP on the existed network card.

7. After having chosen the network card, use the “Tab” key to choose the “Edit”, and then choose the “Advanced->additional addresses” option to configure the IP.

8. Select the “Add” to add 172.8.8.X segment IP in the “additional addresses” page.

After having configured, click the “OK”, “Next” and “Finish” in turn to complete the IP configuration.

9. Use the “ping” command at each nodes of the cluster to check the connection status of the blade and the SM board.

10. Execute the “ps aux |grep cnm” command to check if the “./cnm_dev” process has included in the cluster’s node.
11. If there isn’t this process, execute the following command at the each node in turn:
# export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/OSM/lib:/opt/HS/lib
#cd /opt/HS/bin
#./cnm_dev &

12. Check if all the nodes of the cluster have included the “./cnm_dev” process, when this process existing, we can find the N8000 via the ISM normally.

Root Cause

While using the N8500 of the V100R002C00SPC004B017 version, the blade of the N8500 needs to get the information of the power supply, fan and so on from the SM board, so we need to divide the blade and the SM board into the same VLAN; the SM board’s IP is fixed as:, so the priveth port’s IP of the blade on the N8000 needs to be in the same network segment, in other word, it must be 172.8.8.X