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USG2200 big bootroom is destructed and can’t log into the system

Publication Date:  2012-11-08 Views:  1019 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

USG2200 flash has two versions, respectively are USG2200V100R002C01SPC006 and EGW2200 V100R001C02. The current running version is EGW version, run the version after set the USG2200V100R002C01SPC006 for the next start running version, restart your device, the firewall can’t enter system and constantly to restart, through the Ctrl + B also can’t enter the Boot Menu.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

1. Through the Console port connected equipment, at the same time use the network cable connect the PC with USG2200’s GE0/0/0 directly, start FTP server in PC. Place the big BootRoom of the high version EGW2200 V100R001C02 to FTP Servere’s directory.
2. When restart the equipment, press Ctrl+A in time if see SMALL-BOOTROM MENU such words, enter the small BootRoom MENU, as shown below:
===============<SMALL-BOOTROM MENU>====================
| <1> Enter Big Bootrom
| <2> Update Big Bootrom by Network
| <3> Change Boot Parameter
| <0> Reboot System
Enter your choice(0-3): 3
Set FTP relevant parameters:
=====================< PROTOCOL MENU >====================
| <1> FTP Protocol
| <2> TFTP Protocol
| <0> Exit
Enter your choice(0-2): 1

You Choose The FTP Protocol!
Unit Number : 0
Load File Name : big.bin big500.bin
Board IP Address :
Server IP Address :
FTP User Name : test test
FTP User Password : 123456 123456

Save New Bootline...Done
3, After exited through choosing “<0> Exit”, select <2> through Network upgrades big “BootRoom”:
===============<SMALL-BOOTROM MENU>=====================
| <1> Enter Big Bootrom
| <2> Update Big Bootrom by Network
| <3> Change Boot Parameter
| <0> Reboot System
Enter your choice(0-3): 2

After the big500.bin’s big BootRoom file uploaded successfully, enter “SMALL-BOOTROM MENU”, choose to restart the system.
4. Format flash and upload firewall system big packet file
In restarting your system, when seen “Press Ctrl+B to Enter Boot Menu...3” such words, timely press Ctrl+B enter the “Boot Menu” Menu, then under the “BootROM” main Menu, press Ctrl+Z, access to Hidden Menu (Hidden sub-Menu),
======================<HIDDEN SUB-MENU>==========
| <1> Format Flash
| <2> Delete File From Flash
| <3> Display Flash Files
| <4> Rename FileName
| <5> Update Bootrom
| <0> Exit To Main Menu
Select 1 to format flash, then select “Exit To Main Menu” menu.
5. According to the normal upgrade program import and upgrade the EGW2200 V100R001C02 or Secospace USG2200 V100R005 version under BoorRoom menu, then restart your system, you can enter the firewall system normally.

Root Cause

Through confirmed, EGW2200 V100R001C02 corresponding Scospace USG is V100R003 version, higher than V100R002C01SPC006 version, after set V100R002C01SPC006 to startup version, in restarting process, the low version destroyed the original high version’s big BootRoom, cause the firewall can’t enter the system, and through the Ctrl + B can’t enter the Boot Menu either.


Don't save the system big packets of different R versions in flash, especially to different brands (such as EGW, Secoway, Secospace) versions, to avoid the brand chaos and misoperation, At the same time need to confirm with the R&D in time prior to upgrade, and then has the further upgrading operation.