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S9300 interface QoS configuration caused interface lot of packets lost

Publication Date:  2019-07-22 Views:  159 Downloads:  1

Issue Description

Show as figure, client reported that IPTV business interrupted after commercial network cutting DRM device(DRM is encrypting device for IPTV packet),
S9303 HMS6-ROT12-BIR interface Eth-trunk21 outbound has lot of packet lost count:
<HMS6-ROT12-BIR>dis eth-trunk 21 verbose
Eth-Trunk21's state information is:
LAG ID: 21                  WorkingMode: STATIC                              
Preempt Delay: Disabled     Hash arithmetic: According to SIP-XOR-DIP        
System Priority: 32768      System ID: x-x-2b87                        
Least Active-linknumber: 1  Max Active-linknumber: 8                         
Operate status: up          Number Of Up Port In Trunk: 2                    
ActorPortName          Status   PortType PortPri PortNo PortKey PortState Weight
GigabitEthernet1/1/21  Selected 1GE      32768   341    5425    10111100  1    
GigabitEthernet2/1/21  Selected 1GE      32768   597    5425    10111100  1    
ActorPortName          SysPri    SystemID  PortPri PortNo  PortKey   PortState
GigabitEthernet1/1/21  32768  x-x-1f4c  32768  33875 32782     11111100
GigabitEthernet2/1/21  32768 x-x-1f4c  32768  33934 32782     11111100
Flow statistic
Interface GigabitEthernet1/1/21,
    Last 300 seconds input rate 304 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec
    Last 300 seconds output rate 113362024 bits/sec, 10473 packets/sec
    9804656 packets input, 702956928 bytes, 0 drops
    177165014908 packets output, 240250454705975 bytes, 46407811 drops
Interface GigabitEthernet2/1/21,
    Last 300 seconds input rate 136 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec
    Last 300 seconds output rate 103899752 bits/sec, 9552 packets/sec
    622707 packets input, 115310116 bytes, 0 drops
    186405220516 packets output, 253666645643221 bytes, 95125708 drops
Interface Eth-Trunk21
    Last 300 seconds input rate 440 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec
    Last 300 seconds output rate 217261776 bits/sec, 20025 packets/sec
    10427363 packets input, 818267044 bytes, 0 drops
    363570235424 packets output, 493917100349196 bytes, 141533519 drops
 Remove DRM device, the business recovered, switch ports has no packet lost.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

1. Check the interface utilization rate for 11%, exclude the factor 2.
2. Monitoring for IPTV flow on upstream device route and our company switch, there is no flow breaking out, and it is stable. Exclude that flow breaking out caused packet lost.
3. It find that the queue 5 of this interface had the packet lost after R&D professional far distance support. Check the interface configuration:

The shaping for queue 5 exists, and IPTV is attempered by accessing to queue 5. It lost packet from Eth-trunk 21, the bandwidth utilization rate of 2 GE member interfaces reached 11.30% and 10.35%, but the client configured the shaping queue, cir as 10M, pir as 100M, the interface flow has gone beyond 100M, it will discard the exceeded parts, after enhancing cir and pir parameter, the interface will not discard the packet and the business recovered.

Root Cause

The reason for business interruption maybe:
1. DRM device adds to IPTV flow and the flow is not stable, going beyond the switch handling ability.
2. IPTV flow is more than interface bandwidth after it adding to IPTV.
3. Switch interface related configuration caused packet lost.


The traffic is 110Mps after DRM device accessed, IPTV flow will not reach 60Mps after removed DRM device. IPTV flow enhanced because SRM device encrypting for IPTV packet, but the client did not know IPTV flow enhanced, the switch port Qos configuration was not modified.