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Modify the DG of the user’s VMs in the condition that multiple VMs in the DG have associated to one domain user

Publication Date:  2012-11-13 Views:  133 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
In a application of the desktop cloud, multiple VMs of the DG have associated to the same domain user. Then, after entering the user’s domain account and password in the login interface of the WI, there should display all the associated VMs, however, there displays fewer users than the fact. In other word, the other associated VMs can’t be seen in the WI.

Alarm Information
It should display all the associated VMs of the DG, but there are fewer users than the fact, and the other ones can’t be seen in the WI.
Handling Process
When you meet this problem, you can delete the user’s VM, recreate and distribute domain users (this process will take a bit long time). We will introduce a method to associate the superfluous VMs in the DG to some other DG. For example, we want to transfer the VM from “My computer 3” to “My computer1”, we should implement as the following steps:
1. Delete the VM in “My computer3”, select “Remove from desktop group”.

2. Add this VM in “My computer1”
a) Right-click in “My computer1” and select “modify desktop group properties->modify virtual desktops and users”

b) Click “Add”, add a VM, and then enter the name of the VM

3. Associate the new added VM with a user in “My computer1”, and associate it to the original user.
4. Choose the new added VM in the list, then click “Assign” to enter the user’s domain account which intending to binding .

5. Modify the DG data in the table “tbl_Instentse” of the DB.
update tbl_InstanceInfo set dgID = 'My Computer 04' where machineName = ' ZJMOBILE-7425D2'

Root Cause
After creating user’s VM in the ITA, then next we should associate the VM with a domain account. However, the administer of the ITA operates this with a small interval, so it may cause to there appears the condition that multiple VMs of a user have registered in the same DG on the DDC, rather than the normal condition that just one VM belongs one DG, as the following picture displayed:

Check the corresponding VMs in the DB, we find there are wrong associated items, as the following picture displayed:

This phenomenon happened in this condition: during the process of making association for the user’s VM, the former VM’s association hasn’t completed and it hasn’t been written into the DB, the user starts to make a new VM association with the same domain user. If you want to make a domain user associate with multiple users, we recommend making a new distribution only after the former VM has confirmed to be associated and registered completely.